Friday, May 31, 2013

Sonnet Of Love Lost. by Anonymous

Sonnet of Love Lost: Love Found

As I layeth here in the solitude of my own room

There comes a heaviness over my Body and Soul

A grief so great, I fear, as my Heart doth threaten to break

Even so, Love rends apart my Spirit and Soul.

Thou Lov'st elsewhere, and therefore, Fly'st from Me.

One Year Ago, My Love Began, and now, is this the end?

I tell Thee that though, All my friends prayed me a boon.

Thou shoulds't not have the thing that Thou dos't hope

When the end comes, recall how it began,

for a woman's, weaker than a Man.

He needs Me, Calls Me, Loves Me: LET ME GO!!

Now My Heart is heavy for Him that I have sent away

And, If Thou can, then keep thyself from me.

I feel the dagger in my side, Oh hate me not my heart,

it IS burning me, God is my witness, that I will not yield.

And Now at once give Joy to all my grief.

Let My soul fly and my Mind be set Free.

Oh how fickle a Woman, Thou must think of me

Yet Look in the Mirror, Tell Me what You See!

I might command my case:

Except what proves that I Belong to Me.

Because My Heart, with inmost Love doth Sigh,

An Important Meeting of the Mind.

I Bare and Share All that I Am

Learn then that I shall give of my Heart Purely

Tomorrow early in the morn, I Shall know, What Thou Art
And if this place be real, or Nothings Worth.

I Shall dwell in my condition through Love.

Be justified and set in order, because My Heart is the Friend that Warmeth

When My soul Stands with all acts reviewed, then may I Plead:

As Though from He, Thee came.

No real comparison is truly made, for one is not like the other.

I Hear in every space, New Verses finding Voice:

From every branch around and above,

The birds contend in song.

My Heart will pant and yearn, a THING is in my mind.

To feel my joy again, that which I Almost put away

I liken to a room of mirrors, Looking, Seeing, Peering,

To what was in front, to the side and behind

Now I see within my Mind, I can Smile Again.

Oh how Wondrous is the warmth of the Sun

Upon My Face, for so long, I had none.

My Heart is Burning Me, I seem So Brave and Gay.

Remember the Sweet Rhymes Our Lips Make on this Day.

I felt a Spirit of Kinship begin to stir,

Within My Mind, Longtime unfed till now.

And saw Love coming towards me, Fair and Fain,

(That I knew him in his joyful face!)

Saying: "Be Now Indeed My Worshipper!

And in His speech, he laugh'd and laugh'd again.

Then While it was His Pleasure to Remain

I changed at the look, and way he had drawn Near

And even now as my memory speaketh this,

Love spake it then: This second Love, He is So Like ME!

OH Earth to show me a miracle for sure

Give Me something to Believe in

Merely the site of Him, Made my Head Bow

I thought to be forever separate

Alas! My Soul within my Heart doth find,

A strange ecstasy that rains upon my Mind,

That I Say: Sir, I Am Wholly Thine.
by Anonynmous. (I don't have her permission to post her name)