Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Escaping after ten years.

           Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Escaping after ten years of captivity.

                              FAithful reader, Know this: I live within a mile of this!

                        Imagine what has occurred here.

                        Sure, It must be disgusting and lewd to say the least, yet...

                        Think of the thought processes involved to create such a thing.

                        How do you keep three women alive for over ten years, one giving birth to a child, and do this without notice by anyone? Guess the perpetrators made the rent payments on time, or mortgage payments/ and such... (keeps the landlords in the clear, right?) I could quip something like: And this didn't happen in Utah, but I won't though I guess I did.

                        I don't mean to sound cold, but I will as I am good at it: How much would it cost you to keep three women and a child fed for ten years?

               Furthermore, at some point, they had to get sick by either flu, colds, feminine things between 17 and 27 that would have required scripts to treat. Sure, the perps might have had female accomplices that could have pretented the symptoms to gain the needed scripts, though I seriously doubt it. Kind of hard to fake a fever in Cuyahoga County Health Systen though one could stockpile antibiotics. Then again, it depends on who the attending is and how little sleep they've had.

               Control freaks of serious psychological realms would never let it go on for ten years. Psychological maniacs, rarely have such spans of patience to allow something to go on that long with the same subjects, not the mention to birthing of child into. Seriously, let's be real here.

              Most captures tire of their prey within days, maybe weeks, perhaps months. But a decade? 3650 days?

                  <side thought. Tonight: When I discussed this with my work partner, I asked him, "when the six year old was brought out, was it blinded by a light it had never seen before being raised like a mole in a basement?" This is one of the things that has lead me to this entry. That and reading the news reports. Got me to think the way I do, close my eyes-stretch my limbs full-out, and ask the questions I do. Part of my process, dear reader. I think most of you know this by now.>

                  The press runs as they should and do:

              "We and our law enforcement partners will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with the Cleveland Police Department to answer the many questions we have," Anthony said. "The FBI will bring every resource to bear to bring the full weight of justice for those responsible behind this horrific, horrific case."

               Full weight of justice... Well, what else could he say?

               I really hope they do on this one.

               Ten years is very long time to be held in a basement in my hood. You cannot go outside without others being in scream range.,

               We are talking not a burb of Cleveland but city proper  itself, You cannot toss a stone without hitting an others house or car. Most properties are a mere twelve feet apart.

               Yet, apathy does grow rampant here, in my area of Ohio's heartland. We have grown so accustomed to screams, cries, yells for help that most dismiss them as crack junkies getting fouled, whores getting stiffed after the stiffy falls limp, or just someone fucked over.  Yet no one ever calls 911 over this. Sure, when the bullets fly, people call the Fuzz, Five-oh, Coppers.

                Take some time, and I am asking the impossible as I write this unless I toss a vid here, and I just might try...

                 Imagine a life of total fear elevating  every single day over ten years under the total control of those that had created it.  How well would you get acquainted with the walls, floor tiles and such?

                  My father was held in fear many times though more propelled via boredom. When my dad was in the hospital for weeks after a heart attack as they did in the late 60's early 70's, he'd tell us not how many ceiling tiles were in his room, but how dots/indents were in them. He'd then go on about the number of rooms in Lutheran Medical Center and total accounts. Mental  Calisthenics and so forth. Go figure, he was a boss in an analog world. A time when math was calculated through mind instead of touch screens.  He thought, and did this most well. I got this gift, DNA?, from.

                     I hear my father now. He thanks me for what I have just said about him. More over, I hear my mother and her father, Orlon. They can be such

                   I like and detest the conscious dreams I am given from my late mother and her father. Their voices in my head both embrace me with a gentle hug around my body as their questions drive like a diamond drill into my brain. "nice, Mark. Go further. Can't you see there is more here? "

                  I have to say this: I can't wait to earn my way by your sides again, lock head and go at it!


                 I have to ask this question most sad and disgusting:\

                 What man is so strong to control three woman and a baby for over ten years of captivity and not replace them in several months if not for a sense of silence or peace?  we're talking ten years....

                 I have little doubt this will become a best seller and a huge movie.

                 Being me: I don't think the innocent are, except the baby. Sure, we had no problem believing the 444 days hostage crisis, and Canada was our friend sheltering our kin, REagan took over. We followed other distractions.

                  Okay, let's face it here and now.

                  How many predators would hold a captive for ten years unless the captive was with them for whatever reason?

                   Think about it for a minute.

                    Sexual desires? Sure, maybe a few weeks fantasies... I can't see it going further even when I place my mind into the worst of predators.
                    A dominance Nine Inch Nails fantasy like Head Like a Hole. a week and a bit. The guy suspected is my age, and I wish to meet him and talk to him. I'd have a hard time believing listening to Judas Priests Free Wheel Burning made him do this. 

                    I so wish to be proven wrong.

                   I look at this whole thing as a great con job.

                 I don't really care how sick the psychopath was on this except the the simple fact that unlike holding political prisoners, he broke a record!

               I think both the women and their supposed captures are guilty of something. This will make for a huge movie.

                   The child born of this: the only true victim. All our hearts should go out for it! Caught in bastard form of Neverland.

                For the record: I have to say this. Except the child, all are guilty of some area of this. Ten Years held captive? Sorry, even in the sorry apathetic wasteland I live in I find this hard to believe.

                  I am writing currently  my thoughts on the movie that will arise from this. Let's see how they compare. Granted, I'm sure will be more graphic, BUT IN ALL HONESTY, EVEN I,  STEPHEN KING, PETER STROUSE OR CLIVE BARKER COULD TOP THIS! So wish me luck.

                I guess this entry got a bit longer than  I wished. I don't care, really. I'm not sure how it got italic, but that's cool.

               I have a hard time believing any control freak would/could support and maintain the lives of 3 females plus kid and not kill them and, and dare I say this, resupply them quickly from proven method.

               I could say I am so glad they are alive and sound so contrite wishing them well. I could say so strongly say I wish for the truth to be brought forth, though i know that will never occur anywhere but OtherVille.

              If there is one expression and thought I hope you hold high: Give your thoughts for the child of this decade of absence.
                    What will that kid grow up with?
                  I am not done with this!

                    Mark William DArus 05082013