Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prostitution: Part one.

                   Prostitution: Many Forms Bringing Varied Results.
                                     By Mark William Darus.



“Hey, baby, want a date?” she asked as I walked toward her by the corner of West 25 street and Clark avenue. She was wearing tattered jeans and pink tank top, braless underneath it. The street lights occasionally flicker about as traffic roars by. This night is a warm July event, humid and stifling. Night sounds being a mixture of ambulance siren song and an occasional wailing baby from open over head windows. As we met I could smell her failing perfume as it was being over taken by sweat.


“Would you care for some company, sir?” a tall lanky well dressed brunette asked me as I sipped my Stone Ruination IPA while leaning against a magnificent mahogany bar at a 4-star hotel lounge in downtown Cleveland Ohio. Madonna’s Tale to Tell was playing over the Peavey Amp as a few couples strolled toward the dance floor arm in arm.


“Okay, cunt, why’d you wanna meet me with?” a very large black man dressed in more gold than clothes said as two of his guards shield him as I reached to shake his hand and introduce myself. “This better be good or you’ll be hurt.”

“Sit my son, please. How can I help you?” the man in black with a white collar asked me. His face was calm and reassuring. His office was filled with huge oak bookshelves and the scents of fresh roses, carnations and orchids. Indirect lighting so incredibly done all things seen cast no shadows.

In the park one brilliant sunset by Lake Erie: “Nice camera ya have there,” a short woman with one of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen said.

“thanks, it’s a Fuji. Love it!”

“My name’s Jennifer.” She extended her hand and I took it into mine.

“I’m Mark. Can I take your picture?”

“Sure! And for a few bucks, I’ll let you do more than that.”


Prostitution, to me, has to be the simplest way of making money for those that can do it. It is not a job for everyone, but for those that can, the possibilities are limitless.

Let’s face facts: If there was no need for it, it would not exist. Period. It would die a economic death similar to most of the manufacturing jobs in the United States.

What exactly is prostitution? Is it merely the difference between consensual adults having sex after a few drinks in a bar after meeting or the fact that money simply exchanged hands before or after it?

Is it that it is considered morally wrong because payment was involved for services rendered? That being the biggest issue I encountered I had to ask: So when we go to work every day, aren’t we charging for services rendered in exchange for our talents?

The first Pro I talked to seemed very open with her thoughts.

Chloe: I became sex-for-hire after a few bad relationships. I thought, why should I give it out for nothing. Granted, my start was all that good. I got hit a few times, but I learned. >laughing, she added< after a while, they would ask me to hit them. I always see to it they wear protection or I don’t do anything. Zilch.”

“Okay, but what if they get funny.”

She then pulled out a .38 handgun, saying, “this makes them understand. I’d also tell them I have a friend that watches out. Most times that last was a bluff.”

“so even with oral sex you made them strap-on?”

“Absolutely! More people catch sick from oral than anything else."