Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A photo apology.... I am sorry.

         Dear reader,
          I am having system issues.
          I am having issues transferring entries from Microsoft Word to this blog. When I first attempted to transfer it, all the text was backward.
          That is why yesterdays entry was so short and why it just stopped the way it did. 
           Currently trying to get this corrected.
Please accept these photos taken over the last few months as a form of apology.

Listen to this song as you review these photos. Having heard this song the first time last weekend, falling for its beauty, I thought of my photography as I listened to it.


Taken 11-15-2012
Taken 10-22-2012 Cleveland Ohio, USA from Edgewater park
Taken 10-22-2012 Bear cub resting on it's mom. Cleveland Zoo.
9-15-2012 Edgewater park.
08-17-2012 Edgewater

                                                         The two shots above taken 02-09-2013. Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

01-26-2012 Conneaut Lake Park, PA, USA.
09-24-2012 Taken from my backyard with a Fujifilm S4200.
                                              09-21-2012: Cleveland MetroParks.

10-28-2012 Edgewater Park.
9-17-2012 Riverside Cemetary, Cleveland Ohio, USA.
9-11-2012. Cleveland Metroparks.

9-06-2012 First time I caught lightening.

                                                9-3-2012 Zoar Ohio, USA.
7-13-2012. One of the first digital shots I took. Taken in my cubicle from a former life gladly not missed.
08-27-2012. Mr. Squirrel says: WTF?!?!?!
9-1-2012 Mittal Steel: Cleveland Ohio. Made me think of the intro to Blade Runner.
9-1-2012. taken from Clark Field, Cleveland. Cleveland Airshow: Blue Angels.
9-1-2012. Clark Field: Cleveland Ohio. This little bugger was growing from a crack in the asphalt. How cool is that?
9-1-2012. Garbage Can Colours. Clark Field.
9-1-2012. Clark Field. This guy was amazing to watch!
8-29-2012 That's right, the Moon is Private Property. As if! lol
8-29-2012. On the wasted lands of a polluted steel plant, tell me how this isn't beautiful. Sure, it's a weed, but no different than the rest of us, does it not wish to live and reach the warmth of sunlight?
9-9-2012 Aurora Premium Outlet; Aurora Ohio.
The above and several below were from a clambake: Fall 2012. I find it odd how I didn't make a Facebook album of these people shots.
The host: Dave P. I know about 7 Daves very well and all of them are great men.

Smiles, laughter, hope for humanity.
The two men in the center are father and son. Nice.
The Captain (host in yellow and the DJ in grey: Rockin' the outdoor kitchen and doin' it grand!
I think this the luckiest shot I got that night. There is something about this one that I felt so lucky to have captured of this man.

Such a great woman. So full of energy and life. I'm blessed to know her and her eager hugs when she sees me.
Totally out of focus, yes, yet this childs smile beams so innocently and sincere.
Night time Corh Hole Tourney wind-down. Ass's to the camera idiot! lol

9-30-2012 My bestest friend and his wife: 25 years of marriage renewing thier vows. They are execeptional. First time married's and renewing.
The next shots came from this event.
Their daughter. Double Major in college, currently a senior with honors. My friend and his good lady gave me the chance to watch their children grow over the years.
Their son. Fearless, enthusiastic and a roller coaster fanatic.

                                                            My bestest friend, David R.  I have no clue why you put up with me and my bizare ways. Yet you do and I am profoundly grateful for this.

                                           Cleveland Zoo and several below this.
Baby and mom Rhino's snuggling.  Loving this endangered animal, I am glad the Cleveland Zoo keeps having these babes born here.
Mentor Headlands Ohio.
Mentor Headlands Ohio.

Akron Zoo, Akron Ohio, USA.

Taken 9-28-2012. I consider this to be one of the best shots I have taken to date. A friend of my eldest daughter. She calls me dad after knowing her for some 16 plus years.
The lyrics to Stars. <the song link I posted at the beginning of the photos.
It's funny when you find
What you want was by your side
The whole time

I couldn't quite believe it
But suddenly I see it
And you saw me

I saw stars
I saw sky
I saw everything inside
You saw me

Now I am not afraid
You can't make me turn away
This time
I couldn't quite believe it
But suddenly I see it
And you saw me

I saw stars
I saw sky
I saw everything inside
You saw me
Light from dark
Shine on night
Solar-systems open wide
You saw me

And you're opening my eyes
And you're leading me on
And I'm following the light
That you shone on me

I saw stars
I saw sky
I saw everything inside
You saw me
Light from dark
Shine on night
Solar-systems open wide
You saw me
As I write this, rain is turning to snowflakes.
The song Stars fits me. Something causes me to write and photograph what I do. My higher power, perhaps. I have no complaints.
Mark William Darus 02192012