Sunday, February 10, 2013

Progressive takes another life.

                                    Progressive takes another life.
                                          By Mark William Darus.
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In my time working for the company known as Progressive Insurance I’d seen a near never ending flow (cough-cough, I said Flo,) of EMS units stream down its driveways, enter its hallowed art and glass walls and sweep many away for medical rescue as hearts failed, kidneys faltered and brains exploded via strokes.

So easily labeled as life-choices for these outcomes, passing the buck of work pressures during a failing economy and a corporations desire to stretch their stock as far as it can.
A coworker I had the pleasure of working with for ten years is now dead.
I received several Facebook emails about his passing and one voicemail after work Saturday morning at about 4AM.
His passing made me angry as I had heard of several instances he’d experienced in the last 2-3 months. His work record was immaculate in every respect. He had an attention to detail that so surpassed most.

In the last several months after I was shit-canned unjustly by them, He found himself after a meeting with his manager on a Final Written Warning. Well, he took this up with Human Resources (yeah, like any non-union corporate entity will fight for any employee..)

Not long after going to HR, he was given other final warnings without prior infractions.

We all living in the USA that have work experience means less than nothing in a bad economy. Most know full well that an employee of 10 plus years is easily covered by part timers after a few weeks training at a FRACTION of the cost.
Most companies that share this so positive Share-holder friendly attitude will cut and chop any way they can.

In the American Corporate world, the longer you stay with a company, the more expendable you are with every raise in pay.

Isn’t that comfortating? Doesn’t that breed loyalty in your hearts and make you warm and fuzzy all over?

Whether he died of a massive heart attack, stroke or suicide, one thing I think is true, and this goes back to an old saying: You are the company you keep.

He worked for the same company that fired me and many others, Progressive Insurance. Unlike him, most of us didn’t trust HR and didn’t go there. He held such a trust...

Looking back and my life now, I guess I am not anywhere near the Nonviolent Psychopathic managers that place and fosters and grants bonuses for the benefit of 1/2500 of a percent in stock rising.
Thom, know this: You had a child die years ago. You are with them now. Be at peace.

Mark William Darus 02102013