Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fortune Telling. By Ryn Cricket.

                                                Fortune Telling.
                                                by Ryn Cricket.                                           

“Someone close to you died a while back
…an older woman…
…a mother figure…
…She knows you think about her…”

So I said to him that there was
This great opportunity in China…
“It’s dangerous.”
The money is four times what I’m making now…
“People disappear.”
I’m being actively recruited…
“The state department has travel warnings.”
I will have a prestigious position in a huge company
With amazing benefits…
“You’re not thinking about your daughters.”

Explain anything you just said
That doesn’t apply to America
–or anywhere.
I have been sexually assaulted –twice,
Robbed in my sleep,
And beaten right in my hometown.
I have had my wallet, 2 bikes, a TV, camera, 2 phones, and lots of money stolen.
I know 2 college boys who have mysteriously disappeared,
Different years, different states, different circumstances.
There have been three mass school shootings in the metro area.
And it’s the state department’s job to issue warnings
For EVERY country:
Pick-pockets, internet scams, faulty contracts…Cookie cutter
Every country says the same
Except the UK –check that one out.
Three times the warnings…
(Note to self –don’t go to the UK —oops, too late!)

“I thought you said Thailand was going to be all
‘wine and roses.’” He said.
This position, this possibility, this opportunity wasn’t even
In my realm of understanding.
And it’s being handed to me.
And then, my closest, oldest friend of about 35 years
unfriended me.

What I really wanted to say was “take the plank out of your own eye
Before you try to fix the speck in mine.”

But instead, I say this:
“Hold out your hand.
One day, you will be given a gift,
A complete surprise, that will bring you joy.
Be ready to accept it.”

Ryn Cricket: 10092012