Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can this Cure my pain?

                                       Can this cure my pain?
                                Surgery said needed, but is it really?
                                            by Mark William Darus.

I got this from Amanda (name changed) and am utterly confused....

To me, this sounds like the surgery you had a few years ago...

here's what she sent me:

it was not good news for me, I need to see a spine surgeon for my lower back, it seems there is actually 4 things messed up by the tail bone and bottom vertebrates,and disks.

After that is fixed I will be fitted with what is like a pace maker for the bladder nerves. all together I'm looking at three surgeries at the least. For the bladder they hook up this box and wires for one week to make sure it will work and i don't reject it. then if all goes well a week later the permanent devise will be placed inside . The nerves operating the bladder wall are shot and if I do not get the devise to do there work I will continually get worse till i have absolutely no control, then the injury to my back from years ago has made part of my lower spine move forward and press on the back of my bladder and other organs. I've had back pain off and on since the first fall in 92 but never paid it much attention. then i fell again in 2004 then the last time 10/2010 getting out of the tub. I never would of thought those had anything to do with the bladder problems.

Everyone: I'm no diagnostician, and when it comes to medical health, I'm no HOuse. But I did read Greys anatomy, took in volumes of cause and affect as bodily parts create havoc with one another.

I saw this woman a week ago and all seemed good and healthy. Granted, given my family history I know full well how things can change in a New York minute. But still....

Between us: Besides Amanda's incredible talent to cut or chop herself when given any object imaginable from cutting lettuce to cutting a coupon.

I think her to be a Munchausen. What is the the difference between the standard "Munchausen' diagnosis is having sound medical benefits in place and those that don't?

Dr. Suess' Sneetches comes to mind: Having firm medical insurance intact, she so has a 'star on thars,' and can be cut into and stitched for profit, a valuable target. Like those on the county-coin, ie: Anne's back surgery done on county cash benefited nothing to the individual. When on the benefit and anti-benefit programs, you should heed these words said to me by a doctor after spine surgery did no good: beware of men in masks....

Why is it more women go under the cold light of a surgical table than men every year when given the same prospects?

Sure, men may be of denser stock or denial. Yet, one has to wonder in the long run.

To date: I have been in the company of 16 women in the last 8 years that surgery made their pain far worse than better. Oddly, not only did their pain amplify on the originally afflicted area but it spread to other areas in their extremities.

I don’t mean to be sexist, but I guess I am going to be here.

Let’s be serious here. When a doctor tells a female patient something causing distress, the woman feels something emotional attached to it. She leans toward the knives and recuperations.

More often than not, in the areas of longevity promises, men don’t.

When men were told the same the things, they’d dismiss it and just deal with the pain on its ground.

Studies do seem to bare credence to the beliefs in reference to ‘mind over matter’. With men and testosterone females high, it’s as if this statement holds true when it comes to personal, professional pain: If you don’t mind, it really doesn’t matter. These people can dismiss any and all hurt and move on and live lifetimes on or above the average.
Let me clarify my thoughts on my statement ‘on and live lifetimes on or above the average.’ The length of time we place into seconds of gasping breathe and desires toward material objects is totally personal in nature. Ask anyone that ever experienced a ‘near-death’ experience. Some see their lives flash into of them as others see the last time they got righteously fucked.
On surgery:
If you are a woman in the USA, holding either good med benefits on no benefits, get a third opinion or fourth for that matter. Men, well, you’ll do as you do. In all honesty with me, and I know you will all hate this: Just suck it up, take a finger up your ass ever few years above 45 or so.
I’m still pondering a connection between bladder control and the need of pacemaker.
Hmnmmm, a pacemaker controls the rhythm and control of a heart muscle, right? Okay, this does also control other areas of vital organs of existence. The Liver, Kidneys, lungs, etc.
You read my sarcasm here and will do further research.
In my cold hearted beliefs, I would not elect for any surgery given what she gave me knowing her background.
What do you think?

Mark William Darus 01052012