Sunday, November 11, 2012

First attempt at narration with my Photography: Lake Erie.

                        Allow me to apologize for it being so raw. This is yet another first attempt at something different. This was not scripted and is quite bumpy and crude in form and structure.

                                   If there is one thing this blog has taught me: To travel in ignorance for the sake of learning something new without the fear of feeling stupid or foolish.

                      To my dearest Blog and Facebook Friends from around the globe, please accept this test. I have talked to some of you on the phone during the interview entries months ago. To those I have never had the pleasure of speaking to, here is my voice.

                         Here goes nothing: My first narration. I still have not solved my resolution issue with viewing full-size. Sorry for this.
Thank you for your time.
This grants another area to reach out with my blog.
I have made changes to this site in the 8 months of its life. I hope you enjoy its new direction. A place where voice can be placed to written words and photos taken.
I could not have done this without your support!
Mark William Darus.