Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Extinction: Why do we kill that which does not hurt us? Part 2

Is it your fears of Darwinism that you would waste our tiny part of a world  to grow?
I look at you as you stare at me. Look close and enlarge. My eyes look into yours.  What do you feel? Do you enlightened beings feel anything at all?
You give us so little room to run. How can you look at yourself everyday in a mirror?
We bolt in futility.
It seldom matters. Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.
Oh, yeah, humans. Blow this shot up and look into my eyes. Accusations glaring from my eyes? Just go to sleep like you do. Small wonder why yours is the only species that requires artificial things to grant slumber.
                     Enlarge this. See my captive eyes looking into yours. See the very same image you see in a mirror  while you shave your face each and everyday in the mirror. You are captive not so much different than me. How would you see your children get killed? Imagine your grand 3000 foot home getting crunched to 350 feet and being told: 'oh, well."
I look to my God for freedom and somewhere for mine to simply be in a world without men.  Is this so much to ask?
Just pull the trigger. End us with your desires.
Is there nothing I can say to you?
Cleveland Zoo gives exceptional paths to see our Rainforest. I give much credit to the architects and engineers of this place.
this is the waterfall for the otters that only live in tropical rainforests.
We don't breed so well in captivity. I am what is left. The last of the Mohican's if Disney would make a film about us. Look in at my face, humans. Tell me how your men and women wouldn't look into the Masters eyes and say: Not going to live by your rules. We'd rather be dead than bred.
Forget the insect life that needs me as I'd embrace them. I can only grow under certain conditions. Sorry this clashes with your way of life.
Don't we have a reason to be other than concrete jungles of Home Depot's Lowes of Pettities?
Rain keeps falling. Rain keeps falling. Down. Down. Down. Don't your forget about me.
C'mon! What are you waiting for. KILL US ALREADY!
Never mind...
I'll take your words of wisdom, lord. I'll find a place to shelter mine underground. Why, m'lord, do they wish to kill everything they find little Gold for?
I will not let my clan go down. My people survived Valdez, hundreds of man  created incidents, and we'll go way past Japans nuke accident. We'll do this in our ways. We will get what you so proclaim as justice. Count on it.
It's not like your kind hasn't bitten into  an apple before...
Not so endangered yet. I am sorry to say this. Humanity, you have blasted bombs causing my kin to climb trees for better waters. Your so called tests changed lives that went so beyond your tiny scope of existence.
Are you so arrogant to believe this won't come back on you?
Bring it on, humans!
Call me what I am. I am a prick. We have a needle with your name on it.
We can make a difference. Seriously, we can!!!
   Call me the tv character House, (as those from other countries see me.) Sorry, we as a species will not save anything but our selves.  We will rationalize this on so many fronts it becomes blameless in its sheer blindlessness  as  lies become plausible deniability.
I believe humanity wishes to kill itself. I have no idea why, but I will work on this.
I can only finish this nights/mornings second entry.
                    We shared eyes that went so deep into me.  I believed this part of me so  long ago dead. I am not sure if it male or female. Does it really  matter? I heard this child of gods words. I HEARD WORDS, DAMN IT! perhaps translated via my twisted mind. God knows, my sisters think me delusional and insane.
When I see things, both in the form of words of others and visually given to me, I see not only see words and hear images,  but I can feel what normal people cannot.
Although, when was the last time you talked to the animals? When did you spend a millisecond of your life gazing into their eyes? I'm not merely talking about our pets.
Here's the Mark-Twist: I see little difference here.
                 Were you not displayed and slayed for the events for the glory of  Rome in the coliseums? Hacked to blood splashing shreds that willing spectators licked their faces into themselves with sick excitement?  You lives, little more than dismemberments on sand for your beliefs?
                    Not only did you have a hand in the death of the Christian Savior, but Hitler had bullets with all of your names on it. That killer had a network  that would rival todays internet. Instead of lions and gladiators, Hitler had Zyclon B waiting for you, gypsys, the weak and the slow. Of the millions killed by Germany during WWII, you were not the only ones exterminated. Sadly, few statistics exist to support this.
(I do hate that word/words. I use it because it nails a place with most in modern society. This word conjures views of such hatred and loathing. sympathy and hope. As blacks refer to each other this way in an urban sense, to others, it means something totally different.
Little more than Farm implements as you entered the United States. Both male and female alike were stripped down to your bare flesh.  Penis's, full breasts and vagina's examined for the white mans perceived worth.
Like the Jews, you were torn from your families. Unlike the Jews, you were sold out long before you hit US soil by those in your own lands for coin.
Native Americans: The Injun's.
As we approach The United States Holiday of Thanksgiving this month, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention you.
You met White people with curiosity and open arms as they arrived on you shores.  Most of your tribes didn't look at them as being invaders.
You should have, though.
Granted, Indians weren't taken as slaves. Why do you think this is? I'd say the reason is quite simple: They so outnumbered the Whites.
Over time, as numbers grew to a critical balance changed.
Rationalizing themselves for more superior and civilized than the inhabitants here, began stealing their lands and livings. Quick were the Whites to realize getting the Indians drunk would make things happen much easier, we'd trade booze for pelts and such.
When trading didn't work, gears changed to that of genocide. Even then those in power knew of the power of the press. Many were the numbers of times articles were titled: Indian Uprising Kills 100 settlers. Savages rape and kill as they overrun to towne of...
I don't doubt such things occured. I don't think they were anything but horrifying blood baths.
Go figure. If someone steals your lands and causes your family pain, wouldn't you step back, regroup, and fight back?
They knew they were being, in popular terminolgy, 'marginalized'. Having a keen sense that White Mans legal system would do zilch to aide them, they reacted as they did, justified.
Over the decades, the debate of derogatory terms in reference to the Indian Tribes of the United States occasionally still gets heated.
Many a sports team here have used words and images directly aimed at them, causing them emotional dischord that few minorities would stand for.
Let's face it, if you had team names like: South Carolina Cotton Pickers, North Carolina Fighting Negros, New Mexico Bandito's, Southern California Wetbacks or San Fransico Chinks, do you think for a moment these titles would not get put down like a rabbid dog? Imagine the moral outrage that would insue and quickly cover the globe.
These proud people live on Reservations. I don't know about you, but the word reservation sounds to me like a hotel stay and will come to an end.
 My point is this:
We've all been slaves and cannon fodder at some point in our heritage.
We've all suffered and witnessed the anguish of others on huge scale.
When hasn't some society shed both tears and blood on the soil?
We find reasons to kill one another.
These reasons make sense at the time. We stupidly rally around a flag, believe ourselves to be a better choice, more worthy, or simply because we're greedy.
Children sign up to die for a cause.
Does it really matter how we so willinging sacrifice our children?
So intelligent and enlightened are we.
We've wasted people on massive scale.
Who really cares about animals?
 You would take my land and kill my family why? Look into my eyes and lie to me. How did I threaten your soil, water supply, oil?
Tell me, how did we hurt any of you?  Does anything matter to you at all?
Mark William Darus 11062012