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Tara Part: Act one, Scene two

                                     Tara Part: Act one, Scene two.
                                         Shout it out loud.

                                   By Mark William Darus

                     Continued from part one:
<Watching Tara before him, he asks. “Tara, would you like a cheeseburger?”

“I can has cheezzburger?” Tara asks the four word answer in three separate and distinctive voices.

“I’ll order it for you! Any condiments?”

“ketchup would be nice,” Tara says nearly peacefully.

“I want lettuce and tomatoes,” Kara states most loud.

“Tartar sauce! I need tartar sauce,” Ebony exclaims with thick accent.

“Uh, could I have anchovies, please, Doctor?” Phil inquires meekly.

Dr. Franks takes a step back as he hears a chorus of three females voices speak from that of a single mouth.

“No, Phil, we’re not going there!”

Leaving the room, Dr Franks gets several cheeseburgers with various condiments.>

                                     Act one, scene two:
      As Dr. Grimly was leaving dietary with a tray full of cheeseburgers, wondering what he’d witness as they were eaten, his digital went off with the message: RETURN TO CONFERENCE ROOM DELTA: STAT.

       Quickening his pace to the elevator. The door opens and he is greeted by several associates.

       “Buying your staff a pig-out there, Grimmers?”

       Shaking his head, answering, “no, just feeding one..” He exits.


        As he enters Room Delta he sees Tara on the floor, knees bent upward while being held down by 4 orderlies. She is screaming like a banshee as sweat flows from her face reddened face.

       Setting the tray on the counter to his right, he loudly asks, “What the hell happened?”

        A slender, well tanned blond LPN look at him, shaking her head. “I have no idea, Dr. I was doing my rounds down the hall and I heard screaming and thought I should investigate it.”

       “What did you find when you entered?”

       “She was on the floor pretty much the way she now except she was punching her vaginal area.”

        Grimly looks down at Tara, still fighting to break loose from the orderlies.

         “Dr.” the LPN speaks slowly. “If I didn’t know any better, she looked like she was. Well, giving birth.”

         “Oh, no.” he says while he bends down, getting closer to Tara. “What’s going on, Tara?”

          In an instant, her faces changes, redness fading, and the heavy sweat ceasing rapidly.

          “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK’S HAPPENING, DICKHEAD?” Ebony’s pissed off voice blasts, her sharp eyes sending daggers at Grimly.

           “Sorry, Ebony. If I knew I wouldn’t have asked.”

           Ebony’s face begin to lose it’s rigid edge, her eyes becoming nearly foggy.

            “Uh, Dr. Grimly, this is Phil. I think she’s having Bill’s baby. I could be wrong. I spend a lot of my life being wrong…”

            The LPN steps back, watching the sudden facial changes before her.

           “5mg’s of Hal, STAT, before she’s starts breaking bones.”

           He is handed a syringe which he quickly administers to her.

           Warmth covering the body on the floor. Drowsy, eyes closing, falling into drug induced rest.

          The Dr. nods at the orderlies to let go. Slowly standing, their muscles aching mildly, wondering what they had just seen.

         With inquisitive tone, the LPN inquires, “Dr. Grimly, is she multiple?”

         Turning his head as he raises it, looking at her while nodding ‘yes’.

          “My God! Dr., is there anything else I can do?”

          “No, I think I have this after these good men place her on a gurney and strap her down.”

           Before anyone could react fast enough, Tara stood up looking somehow taller.

           “Hello Everyone, my name is Bill. I am so very pleased to meet you all!” Bill has a cocky edge to voice matching his overly confident stance, slightly cocked the left.

            A person Grimly has never met from Tara smiles at him, the orderlies and the LPN.

          ‘Damn. Imagine how this would look if Tara were sporting a bikini.’ the Dr. ponders, shutting it down as fast as it had arisen. “Bill, I’m dr. Grimly. How are you, today?”

        “Top of the World, Doc. Nice to be here, let me tell you!”

         “That is good to know, Bill. Where did you co-”

         Cutting off Grimly, Bill enthusiastically exclaims: “Congratulate me!”

        “Oh, is today special Bill? Why is that so?" Grimly fights to maintain composure. This event goes beyond anything he's experienced before.

           Beaming with an ear to ear grin that looked more evil than happy, Bill, in full command of room Delta, shouts: "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!"


Mark William Darus 09202012

Authors Note: This being the edited, part two of the Ballad of Tara Part, though her third entry to P:SA, I feeling more at home in Tara's world. Feeling much better as I convey her story on a regular basis once again.

Perhaps you know or knew someone like her.
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