Thursday, June 21, 2012

What simple things give you happiness: What makes us Human: part II

                             What makes us Human: Part II.


                   Did you cry at the raw screaming beauty of your woman as she experienced more pain than she has ever known, that you had a major hand in its creation? During this event: did you feel elated and stressed, a whacked, convoluted insanity that made your chest pound uncontrollably, mind racing without direction of control simply by her agony as you witnessed the birth of your child?

               Do you feel empowered by the glory of gazing at a sunrise, darkness shedding its grip over the land, succumbing to the rising unyielding light? Do you feel a sense of hope as a new day is born with the endless possibilities given to us?

               Do you get goose bumps as the sun takes its rest from your eyes, going to its rightful rest, skies going from orange to yellow to varied shades of blues and black. Do you revel in a sense of wonder as stars fill the night, twinkling, ever growing as jets and satellites dance across what you see. Do you hear the sounds that accompany this visual wonder you witness: The music of frogs, owls, crickets and other beasts as they awaken, come to life and shout proud in the safety of darkness reborn to them?

              Do you look to the sky and find images painted with clouds against sharp, vibrant blue backgrounds, point these self-inspired findings to others with excitement and child-like glee? If and when you witness this gift of chaos or gods hand, do you realize this is something you will never see again no matter how long you grace this Earth?

                Do you feel delight as snowflakes descend or flowers begin to defy chilly air and take their promised place as seasons change? Do you love the palate of colours when falls changing temperature graces trees, once blended green, as they explode to ever changing shades of reds and oranges?

             Do you like the sounds of rivers: as water runs over rock in unrepeated patterns, differing as movement and erosion create things unheard to you, yet charging you with power in natures delight?

             Do you embrace the chill of a winters night as it makes your breath a sight to behold?

           Are you fired up by the first sun-heat of spring and winter loses its frosty grasp?

           Do you feel anything at all?

            If so, why in the name of your higher power do you fail to express it or be willing to share and talk about what it does for you?

           What are you so goddamned afraid of?

             Are you so preoccupied with your income, social status or lack of a worthy phone that you let yourself become eclipsed to the free gifts given us from somewhere else?

           AN <authors note> Modern cell phones have taken the place of the car you own and drive which use to be the status symbol of our lands. I find this interesting, as phones are way cheaper than cars. Run with that thought if you will, yet with the current generation of 20-30 somethings, this does seem to hold true.

                       What makes us human?

             I further my exploration on this subject in the attempt to seek some truth of what makes us so vastly different than any other animal that inhabits the Third Rock from the Sun.

             My desire is to gain responses to this post: Do any of the above questions give you any emotional drives whatsoever? If so, please explain these to me and be willing to have them posted here.

      What happiness, hope or emotion do you find elating to you?

      At your request, I will post your sentiments anonymously.

        Mark William Darus