Sunday, June 24, 2012

The end ofPsychopathy Another Life: total thanks. ROCK ON as i go into other places!


Changing to Psychopathy Another Life and Borderline Personality Disorder.

I felt it was time to branch out and extend both arms and mind to other areas less studied or explored into the human condition where right equals left and down is up to some. So much like Nonviolent Psychopathy, BPD does have an unusual place in everyday life.

Often labeled with misdiagnosis, and more often treated with medications that proved either wrong or horribly so with patients seeking either suicidal or homicidal beliefs to ease themselves.

And what medications were those? We’ll get to that later. Trust me on this.

Borderline Personality Disorder has personal attributes that have symptoms that range from major depression, high blood pressure, slight mood swings to physical symptoms of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) , other severe debilitating illnesses. Sometimes Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and physically repeated perceived pain can cause psychological breaks to what we saw those afflicted with as psychotic breaks. This being done with best intentions, though wrongly so.

Unlike Nonviolent Psychopaths, this area goes into other areas often misdiagnosed, incorrectly and medically treated in sheer ignorance. There are so many in this aspect of psychology that professionals did not travel.

As I said in the beginning of PAL, let’s dance into corridors of darkness of the mind.

STAGE TWO: Psychopathy and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Journey into madness or enlightenment?

You decide for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

I will keep thinking and writing.

If I knew how to do scrolling credits: I would do so to this song: to you all: CarlySimons: Nobody Does It Better. As you read below, but this Carly song says it best: to me, nobody does it half as good as you! Humble thanks to you all.

Baby, you’re the best!

I thank the Roses, Holly, Klockner, Torres’, Baznik, Somers, Henson, Catherine, Stool-sample-Pyro, Cleveland Ohio, Heidi and David, Gretchen, Angie in The Great white north<and you keep running in those pick shoes and waste them all!, Lisa USA, Lisa, UK, Leesa Italy, Thermal Nuclear Warrior Prypiat, Ivana, Sabrina, Caitlyn Georgia, Jonathon, Thyroid Avenger, Katerina Czech Republic. Maria of violence in Mexico, Julia, Donna, Audrey, Mary Pa USA, Olga, Maribeth of Wyoming, Felix of Tacoma Washington, dumb bitch two alleys over, COOBA, Giant Eagle employees at Parma, Garfield heights, Brooklyn and Middleburg heights, Heinans employees at Mayfield Village, Rocky River, Bagley and Bainbridge. Sav-a-lot employees from Cleveland Ohio: Brookpark Road, Clark Ave, Parma Heights and Twinsburgh. Kmart reps and managers from Medina, Lorain Road, Brookpark road, Macedonia, as well as Sears in several locations. To McDonalds, Arbys, Burger King, Mr. Hero’s, Taco Bell, Denny’s, Appebys, Mr Chicken, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Wireless, Five Below, Bath and Body Works in Parma and Solon, Mustard Seed Solon, Barnes and Noble employees many of which former Borders workers, Half Priced Books both Great Northern Mall and off Mayfield Road, FYE Parmatown, North Olmsted, Strongsville, Steak and Shake Brooklyn, Kamms Corners, Cityview and Steelyard, Bed Bath and Beyond managers for their sincere words and giving and paying for their employees to talk to me with no credentials whatsoever,

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Ohio is thumping its chest in the world of microbreweries.

The Cleveland Ohio Police Department < and how they treated me when I went suicidal after forgetting to take meds for two days.> Sadly, conversely speaking, Cleveland Metro Generals ER placed me in a room without padded walls, phucked up cable with no channel changer and NEVER locked the door. Of course I ventured out and walked the halls. I talked with others about gunshot wounds to garden accidents that sometimes cut the small of their backs. I talked to the depressed wishing to die and those that wished their person to remain amongst the living…

To Sheetz, GetGo,. Speedway, BP Gas USA, to The Ford Motor Company for going against bailout money from all of us Amerikans. Ford: Standing Tall and Proud as WE SHOULD!

To the athiests, teaching me that the truth is most important.

To the Wiccans, telling me each blade of grass bears meaning.

To Christ that taught me everything has meaning and to never judge.

I would like to thank the following:

Abigail: First commenter, and contributor. You threw yourself out there. Give me just about 15 minutes and we will share the dance with the song you asked for.

Catherine: Stay a friend on fbook. Your words rang true…

Jonathon: You are what you are, brother,

Irina: sad as subjects ends. Elated where your mnd takes us. I so loves you, tears as we don’t join,


NO ONE PERSON WILL EVER TELL ME MY MADNESS HAS NO RELATION TO CHRISTS PLAN FOR ME. Why else do I seek and talk to those in pain and agony and the brink of total despair.

Sure, I learn from each encounter with everyone I meet.


Still… I am cold, have no heart most would call such.

I am not without Christ at my side, guiding me.

In Conclusion:

I: Mark William Darus am what I am


I am the son of Marion and Theodore <ted<grandchild of Jenny and Orlan Sturdivant.

I am what I am. This journey began over three months ago into this blogs realm. Time to take a shift.

Do not waste time feeling sorry for me. Spend that time and its energy to bring smiles and happiness around you.

You all are where you are in my life: I hold most of you most high. I will no longer say the word love to my children. They are smart enough to hear my words. < well, I know that Rachel knows what this means>

To Catherine, Jonathon and first time posters: you wrote what you did for a reason. Thanks.

Irina Spektor, we have talked so many times that wish me to forget how to swim and lose myself with you. Irinia, we will join one day. In the words of Stonewall Jackson: if not in this, then in Heaven. I so wish I could embrace you for where you took me to.

Abigail: First contributor and huge supporter of my entries. Yours was the first voice that shed meaning to words. Yours was the first human voice that I encountered to this blog. What can I say to you?
You stood by me cyber world when many saw insanity through this journey and kept me on the true North…. What can I say to you?

Tabitha: Your words,  continued support and thoughts enlightened me to no end. I look forward to working with on BPD research. You came to my blog a relative late-comer and I was blessed you found it.

Baby's , you’re the best!

Mark William Darus. 06242012