Sunday, May 20, 2012

Medical Professional nonviolent Psychopaths amongst us.

The Professionals that treat us and our families:

Part one: The medical Physicians:


Some recent studies might suggest the ones we seek for our health, both the physical and psychological, may be predatory in nature. At least two prominent psychologists have brought this up many times in their studies. <see the writings of Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Hervey Cleckley>

Remember: We also trust the lives of our children with these professionals.

Their writings made me think of my own experiences and the stories of others. I mentally looked back over the decades. I pondered things that always made little sense to me as they occurred.

I’d have a friend tell me about what they tried to tell their psychiatrist about what they felt or thought when one of their meds made them feel a little ‘off’. They’d tell me they would get cut off in mid-sentience and dismissed completely. Granted, most psychiatrists care little about your thoughts, feelings and such. All they wanted to know is if you are either suicidal or homicidal.

<thank GOD my psychiatrist is not like them! Our visits usually last at least 30 minutes, sometimes much longer. I am lucky to have you Dr. S!>

Most psychiatrists, from what I have had the luck of knowing those that shared their experiences with me, seem to be like them. Five to maybe seven minute visits that always seem to happen at least sixty minutes later than the scheduled time. Sure, there always seem to be valid rationalizations for the tardiness. Good reasons, solid reasons that make sense. Tell me, how long would you last in your job if you were that tardy on regular basis? Not very long, I assure you.

What about medical doctors? The wait times, even when appointments are scheduled months in advance, tend to travel to the absurd in duration. Again, you wait, go to a room where someone takes your pulse, weight and BP. And you wait further and further still.

Are these professionals psychopathic in nature?

Not all of them.

But some of them are.

Remember: 4% of our population are psychopaths. Most are nonviolent psychopaths.

The Medical Physicians:

With medical doctors, I believe they fall into several categories, but not limited to:

A. most patients will make me rich from insurance claims.

B. I get at least 90 bucks from the insurance companies for each person I see.

C. I have a meager staff that I don’t pay that much to keep. If they believe their talents and educations are being exploited, they know where the door is.

D. I have maybe one LPN for blood draws and a few med assistants for things like weight, pulse and BP checks.

\ E: I know they’ll wait as long as it takes for me to see them. Where else are they going to go? Another DR? No sweat if they do, I’ll just as many from some other Dr.s cast-offs as they handle business the way I do.

F. I am in control. They are not and need me more than I need them. Patients come and go. They are a never ending flow that will keep me rich. Sniffles, colds, bad backs, in need of work-excuses, doesn’t matter, I still get paid. If they persist in complaining about their afflictions, I refer them to a specialist that I know. This specialist refers those to me from time to time. It’s a wash.

G. I personally see at least twelve patients an hour: via insurance, this gets me 1,140 bucks an hour. Not to mention the co pays I receive as pocket change. I pay my LPN 20 an hour, assist staff 10 an hour, supplies and electricity. Maybe $3,000 a month in rent.

H: I pay $250,000 a year in malpractice insurance.

I: “I” as in ME. Tell me what I get paid in a year? Not to mention kick-backs and trips from pharmaceutical companies for delaying your visit to gain more for me. <Maybe this may explain why pharmaceutical reps will ALWAYS just walk in when you have waited so long past your scheduled visit and always Go the Head of the Class ahead of you. Think about it.>

The true nature of the nonviolent psychopath is self serving, feeding off others and controlling all aspects of their lives. They feed off their prey and the power the prey give them to do so.

Just do the math.

Yet how do we give them the power to exploit?

We trust them, their education and our blind faith that they believe the ‘do no harm’ principal that made them doctors.

How many doctors simply dismiss you by giving you scripts you didn’t need for the common cold? When you take meds your body does not need, you gain a tolerance for them and when you do need them, they fail. When they fail, what do you do? You go back to the doctor and either he prescribes more or just tells you to shake the cold off. <<The new script just happens to be from the company that makes this med that had a REP in his office when you got pushed aside for your previous visit>>. Your body does have things that can counter your ailment and you should just trust them, they tell you. Or “ Well, you may just have the common cold and need to rough it out.” Meanwhile, didn’t you just make another insurance claim? Didn’t you just pass another co pay?

For your gods, higher powers, self reliance sake, just think for a moment.

And we, as Americans think Socialized Medicine, unlike most countries have, is so wrong and will only bring at best mediocre care for each and everyone of us. We all know, with Socialized Medicine, we lose some power over who are physicians are and how horrible that lack choice could be to us. You may not find a doctor that ‘understands your individual needs’. Tell me simply: How many of you from a major United States city has felt nothing more than a brick in a wall when it comes to doctors? A few moments jaunt that made us feel shuffled off for the next contestant in their never-ending game.

Let’s talk nonviolent psychopathy as it is alive and well in the United States.

The revolutionary and civil war physicians were wasted when the North won the Civil War. Technology and a sense of money grabbing took over. House visits by doctors dwindled from that point and died around the 1940’s to 1950’s except those of affluence. Emergency rooms took shape and form and grew vastly from the Korean and Vietnam wars and methods grown from battleground Triage methods, <<<excuse me. So sorry, those were not wars, they were called: <<<POLICE ACTIONS>>>

Before the 1940’s and 50’s, doctors held your health above all else. They did not worry about getting paid and would take a chicken or some form a vegetation for services rendered. These doctors held firm to the Hippocratic Oath, and did what they did more for the benefit of mankind than to pad their own pockets.

Why did they stroll down this path of money/insurance before all else? When did they get so corrupted and worry more about themselves over what their studies, experiences and took a sacred oath to maintain? To not do house calls nor sincerely care for the people of their lands?

I blame this on the ‘Jones have and I therefore must have’ liking toward consumption and its leap in the United States after WWII and cascading into the Korean and Vietnam Police Actions. I believe it was then that materialistic ideology took hold on the USA. When everyone else saw what others had, we so embraced Capitalism. <<<and this whole belief should have died when we bailed out Wall Street, being a total failure of the beliefs of Capitalism.

Think about who you go to when physically ill. Think about how long it takes you to get seen by them. If you have children feverish and feeling bad, and how this only should amplify your emotions toward a meeting and its urgency. And how much longer you suffer further, nerves growing thinner and some drug REP blows by you with huge smile and hand stretched for a shake.

And yet you wait.

For an audience by a god of study and by your embrace as you luckily found them in the Health Care Plans list of affiliated doctors.

Yeah, you are so lucky.

Can you please tell me why this is so versus what you should be allowed?

I have given you the ‘A’ thru ‘I’. Given what you have read and learned about the avenues and natures of the nonviolent psychopathic professionals, it is my sincere hope you have gone beyond this blog and read further into certain actions, attitudes and gains made off of you and yours in their never-ending hunger for self advancement well over what you hold dear to you. You give them your trust and cold hard cash. They owe you, not the other way around.

Don’t we all make livelihoods possible?