Thursday, May 17, 2012

From wishing rot and going forward: Reader Comments part two.

Reader Comments: Part Two.

Let me say this: I cannot keep up with the emails I have been receiving from across this tiny planet we share. I simply do not have the time to post all comments from everyone. What I have been able to do is come up with a second installment to meagerly cover this. As said before, I will periodically post comments every several entries or so. I ask for you understanding on this.

I randomly selected these this way: every thirtieth email.

I changed all names whether asked to do so or not. Bottom line: you know who you are and have the ‘sent’ email to back it up. Take no offense to this. You do have the power to post anonymously via the comment tab at the bottom of each entry and put in what you wish, name and all.

Some of these are most profane and quite nasty. If you have a weak stomach, heart condition or low level of handling stress, you might not want to exit this ride.

To those that took the time: Thank you!



Dear Sir,

You are an asshole!

I have no idea for what reason or why you choose to write such utter nonsense.

It is no more than rubbish one would place in a mental wastebasket. Your mind is a cesspool of despair and verbal toilet paper. I wipe my ass with your blog.



Calgary, Canada.


Can I give birth to your children? I so wish to meet you. I can’t imagine you look like a nerd. Consider my question to you.


A Katrina reject from the French Quarter.



I wish to say you have broadened my knowledge on a subject I have been curious about for many years. Your entries are fresh and full of information.

Have you ever considered being an instructor? You could seriously do well in this. Any man that can continue to write on the subject of nonviolent psychopathy has much to give this tired world. Have you thought about self-help books or videos?

Keep up the truly noble work you pursue with this. Make no mistake on this, you truly have a talent and freely share it.

With thanks and hopes you continue,


Prattville, Alabama


Mr. Darus,

I wish to know what makes you ask ‘what is human’? I believe you have a better grip on this than anyone I know. You are right: we are animals and why are so many deluded into thinking otherwise?

Every time you state observations you have witnessed further makes me ponder thoughts along similar avenues. Thought provoking to say the very least to anyone with active mind and curiosity.

You keep things moving, each post better than the last. I tell my friends you are some sort of dryer sheet for the soul and mind: making dirty clothing smell better, fresher, newer.

I cannot fathom why you do this but am most happy you do so.

Should our journeys ever bring us together, I’ll cover the coffee.


Rivne Oblast, Ukraine.



Dear Mr. Darus,

So pleased to see one of my books listed in your reference section. I am always glad to see who I have reached and where from. Recommendations are always welcome!

Nice to know you are not a trained professional. I have no doubt this is why you have reached the vast audience you have. Great idea for adding the Translator function to your site. Most ingenious. Hats off to you on this one.

A life outside of work and thoughts toward this blog: bowling. Congratulations on your 297 game! My best was a 120. You, in my mind, have a balance in living that gives you an edge over most professionals in the areas of one-on-one therapy. This is what keeps you from going insane, unlike so many in my field that do so on a too frequent basis. They have so little separation from things they cannot understand, and truthfully, none of us totally can. Like corporate execs, they bring their work home and in so doing, alienate wives, husbands and their children as they get obsessed. They get drawn into what you call ’the whirlpool’ and go down as those closest leave them. For few, this in totally expected and they push on. For others, they suffer mental breaks, migraines and a host of other ailments.

You are different: in mind, spirituality and undying hope for humanities sake is what keeps you going toward those theories you will convince others of in time.

Freud’s success did not happen over night, you know this. You strike me as having the patience, intelligence, the grit and steadfastness to persevere.

I think you to be a new breed in psychological research. One that has no valid credentials, no major education other than the books you’ve read, understood from sheer curiosity and how you apply this to human experience on the most common areas of life. In short, you reach people on the base level, placing firm thoughts into words, placing objectivity above all else. Your ability to explain the complex workings of the mind without getting too windy and full of yourself is the fresh air my profession is so sorely lacking.

Can you imagine what Freud would have accomplished had the internet been available during his time here?

As you so kindly stated my book is worth reading, I can only offer the same about your Psychopathy: Another Life in return.

Keep Studying, keep writing and most of all: Never stop thinking about most would dismiss as folly.

Dr. Anthony Simmons.

New Zealand.

AN <authors note>: Sorry to not publish your real name on this, Dr. I know you know this, yet I felt I needed to apologize nonetheless. My humblest of thanks.










It is my wishes you suffer from erectile dysfunction and no longer mess with the gene pool of this earth. You surely must be the result of parents that dove into the shallow end of it, conceived at impact and made you from a billion to one shot of poor semen and rotten eggs.

Small wonder no newspaper would ever have you on their staff or magazine would ever publish what you call your ‘objective works’.

Pompous ass, you really think you make any difference whatsoever?

Be so proud of what you and others would have you post for them. You all suck and are worthless and sadly those of inferior self-worth.

May your penis, and the females that toss their filth here have their vaginas rot the hell off.

I wish you all suffering and pain.

Fuck all of you,

Cutthroat Bitch

American Fork, Utah




Authors Note:

I wish to give thanks to all that took the time to email me. Your comments and thoughts go a long way with me.

Both positive and negative alike. Where would life be without those two polarities? Okay, we would not have electricity, modern locomotives powered by diesel generators, or the sheer essence of life itself. We cannot be the same in all aspects of being and if we were, how intrinsically monotonous would it be?

I thank those and will further post comments periodically.

-Mark William Darus.