Friday, March 16, 2012

Psychopathic Relationships: Through Animal Eyes. Part I


It can be said that both female and male Psychopaths possess certain powers thru both manipulation and a keen sense of perception when scoping out their prey. They know what they are looking for and can generally size up a target in a mere matter of minutes, if not seconds. They simply, casually, as one may pick out a Pepsi from a wall of beverages, turn their limitless energy toward their target. Locked and loaded, they open fire, watching their preys attention seemingly forget what it was doing in the first place. Their prey feeling utterly swept off their feet with all this focus being pointed squarely on them. Showering them with compliments, telling them things they’d always wanted to hear but thought they never would, they venture forward and wish to capture this potential suitor.

With an almost unearthly sense, their soon-to-victims tend to be drawn toward them much like a car or house can be sucked into the vortex of a tornado or an underpowered boat being pulled to the center of a whirlpool. Most of us know what happens at that point: With their defenses lost, the victim succumbs and feels as if this person (the predator) has wrapped them in a warm and safe blanket to both protect, satisfy and make them happy.

It’s been said countless times for a myriad of reasons: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is and should be avoided at all costs. Sadly, most don’t and learn to regret it, but not as quickly as you might think.

Why do they not trust their instincts? Why do they fall so hard for someone they seriously do not know? How does this happen? Is it a sincere belief in love and its magic power, human kindness or just blind faith that propels then in the worst relationships of their lives?

Hopefully, this may shed some light on the darkest place of human relationships.

Through Animal Eyes.

Both men and women seek different things when looking for that ‘one special’ person. However, they both ponder scenarios of what could be, what magic can happen when they meet that single person that sends their hearts into a tizzy and their minds into a world of their wants and desires. Their imaginations run wild with all the great possibilities that can result from that chance meeting they long for so desperately. They are so willing to bare their souls and tell ‘the one’ all their dreams and secrets. They desire to share themselves with another human being that so seems to care, perhaps love, them with full acceptance They believe in having a soul mate, one that seems to know them better then they know themselves. They are dreamers who believe more in the dream itself then they believe in or even understand themselves. They gaze into shattered mirrors and are completely bowled over when someone tells them what they wish to hear. That they are worthy and they need to get a new mirror as “if you could only see what I see in you, baby” is told to them repeatedly.

Many wish to be used and the predator will spot them a mile away. With ravenous eyes, boundless energy and an insatiable hunger they will gladly meet them halfway.


The female Psychopath will look for men that have fancy cars, a good job and seem a bit insecure around women and even their peers. They keenly pick up on subtleties in both speech and body language. They listen for things such as men always making statements that come off more like questions, displaying a hidden insecurity and lack of confidence in what they are saying. They look for men that brag about the new car they just got, showing a liking for the material more than the spiritual, “I got this, I got that, I’m going to buy this…” And with each thing they say, the underlining tone is ‘now if I just had someone to share it with.” These men seldom stand erect, walk with drooping shoulders, head hung low and would rather have their possessions speak for themselves. Most wear clothes that don’t fit, usually last decades styles and appear to have been dressed by their mothers.

When it comes to eye contact, the female Psychopath always stares deep into the mans eyes, watching his uncertain, awkward attempts to meet hers. She knows the further she sets her sights into his eyes, she’ll discover more of what makes this man tick. Though there are no facts in regard to this, they have better than average peripheral vision and can not only probe deep into his eyes, they study and record his tensed up body language. They say something like, ‘you’re just being modest,’ as they stroke his ego as they slowly turn their heads away, yet all the while watching his reactions when the man thinks she is not looking. He’ll give out an inaudible sigh, face looking somewhat happy and at ease for that lone split second she diverts her gaze. This man is now dreaming of nights no longer alone and perhaps he has hit what his friends refer as ‘pay-dirt’.

She will keep filling his head with compliments and then comes her all-too abrupt announcement of departure. She does this to throw them off base, to nail them with an urgency to either rise or fall. She has to get up for work early and needs to get her, and so coyly said, ‘beauty sleep’. It is then he either asks for her phone number or he doesn’t. She’ll give him approximately 5 seconds to ask as she says, ‘it was nice meeting you!’ She gives him a sigh as she slowly turns to leave. 5 seconds gone, she turns and says, ‘could have your number?. I mean, I’m not usually this forward.’ Giving out a seductive chuckle, she adds, ‘ I’m no Gloria Steinman, so don’t expect me to burn my bra.” Smiling all the while as she takes her right hand and touches between her un-bra’d breasts, adding “opps, not wearing one, so burning is totally out of the question.”

He confidently, while laughing at her comments, perhaps even blushing, gives her his number.

She now has him hook, line and sinker. His life will never be the same as he slowly allows himself to be devoured by what he thinks is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Remember snakes. They can swallow larger animals and take months to digest them, growing stronger with each passing day as the trapped animal gets smaller, weaker, unable to fight their way free and losing any sense of self in the process.

She is master of dominance and submission. She’ll always ask him what he wants to do and he will so readily say that whatever she wants to do is fine with him. This is the
subtlety of his giving in to her ideas and making her likes a larger part than his own. Keep this one truth in mind, when this relationship ends he will no longer have the slightest clue as to what makes him happy in pursuing and what, if any, his true passions were before he met her.

We’ll get back to him in a moment.

Let’s take a fair glance at her. She is good looking by most standards. Usually slender, very long hair by the norms of society, and mostly brunette. If not slender, she will exude a confidence in her body that goes so strongly against the way most slightly overweight women would ever act. She will wear clothes to accent her strong revealing and highly open-book type nature, and back that up with all the energy and feminine whiles there is. In short, she can be the greatest exhibitionist any man has ever seen and turn heads as she walks into a room arm in arm with her prey. Most men would look at this woman and ask, ‘what’s he got that I ain’t got?’

She is throwing out such vibes, perhaps thru Pheromones, that men instinctively turn to catch a glimpse of her. Add to this a generous supply of alcohol and those men, not preyed upon by her, will cast her as their sex slave in their mental pornos as they bang their girlfriends, wives that do not carry themselves with such total self assuredness and outgoing presence. These men sense a raw sexuality about this women in her movements, cadence and overall looks. They feel their instincts rise for a women that they should both run from and flock toward, as a fly does to the candle that would coldly waste them. They can sense there is something different about her that sets her apart from the average day-to-day female they’d casually pass at a grocery store, stroll by at work, or dismiss as their eyes would meet on a morning rush hour commute to work.

Men’s egos are so easily stroked. They love to hear the ‘you’re the best! You’re the kindest.” And the greatest thing any man could hear: “ OH MY GAWD! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST AND BEST LOVER I HAVE EVER HAD! “ When it comes to being used, men are the easiest to take control over. They have that sense of ‘Mother’ that keeps them in check. Most of them have some guidance of morality, decency that when a woman that stands apart from the crowd, or herd as many refer to it, strokes their egos correctly and does not put out for a few weeks into the relationship is a woman of worth.

So easily they become the willing dinner of the Human Preying Mantis. She will continue to stroke his fragile ego until she gets whatever it is she wants. She will do this coldly, all the calculations figured out long in advance, as she knows his weaknesses that only a man, especially if she keeps him boozed up, would ever tell a woman that must’ truly care’ and be most trustworthy.

How does she end it with this spent shell of a man?

She will, over time catalogue things he’s said that she displayed with mild dismay or confusion to, and draw upon those things to break it off. “ I am so sorry, but I cannot forget when you said…” She’ll act with a fake sadness, telling him that she needs to step back and think about things, losing eye contact with him that makes him think, ’she must be fucked over what I said’, and he’ll let her go to think it over and after trying and failing, he’ll say he was either too drunk or just not thinking right as an apology.

Getting what she set out for, having her next victim hovering in the upper wings with patented line, ‘ I just have to end it with him and I really don’t want to hurt him. Then I can give myself to you totally.’

Game, set and match. A game well played by cunning and shrewd predator. She smiles, great thoughts of what she accomplished, pats her massive ego as she showers off the stink of the unworthy as a panther would lick themselves clean after good kill.

And yes, it is that simple.

More to follow on this as there will be a part II.

<<<Authors note: I must give thanks to Kara, Elizabeth, Farma, Catherine, and most of all, Abigail. You have given me so much to process, put an order to and actually write about that mere words by me cannot express my thoughtful gratitude. This will be considered sick by most, but I do so humbly respect you all!

Call it what it is, it does truly take one to KNOW one.

-Yours in pen, mind, and other things,