Saturday, March 17, 2012


A Disclaimer on our BLOG.

A moment of pause. About Warnings to Others.

As my sister pointed out to me, I should use this BLOG as a warning to the prey on ways to not become such. My thoughts toward people as a whole fall to this: Either learn from your mistakes you’ve had in the past or be damned to repeat them. Why do so many women fall into the pattern of abusive relationships that they repeat them over and over again? Are these woman incapable of learning, stupid or just so utterly without a sense of self-worth that they can be so utterly suckered into falling for the same facades repeatedly? Why does Cosmopolitan magazine, at least twice a year have a heading of ‘Smart women, stupid choices’?

The warnings are within my words and the words of others. Those words never carry the line: Do not fall for this or it WILL fuck you up! This is based on the simple the thought of reverse psychology: tell someone not to do something and they will surely think themselves above the warning and proceed toward the left hook they refused to see heading their way.

All situations are not the same as many bungle through relationships on a purely innocent basis and I simply do not wish to breed paranoia against all human relationships. I, as well of others who have taken the time to email me, do not want to black-ball all one on ones as a predator to prey thing. Truly, most are that way, but so goes the struggle between men and women. There will always be dominance and submission between the sexes. There will always be relationships on such uneven emotional contact between the two, that one of the two will always feel somewhat slighted. Have those slighted been used? Has one that wishes to travel with another that would rather not been used? That is all up to interpretation and must be looked at on a singular basis.

This BLOG will not go there as it is not Psychopathic in its nature. Those things are not in the realm of Psychopathy and more simply based on pure relationship differences. Likes and dislikes; I like football and she cannot stand it. I like the Browns and she likes the Steelers. I want flowers in the front yard and he wants shrubs. Though often voiced with a good level of emotion and disdain, they are normal across all boards. And so it goes.

This site will go the extremes of the worst human train wrecks imaginable. Where some will consider suicide while others that wiped another out will simply hunger for a egg salad sandwich. A walk into dark places most wish to ignore as it may say more about themselves then they wish to acknowledge.

A site where those that hunger to devour and those that have been eaten can share their stories equally and without bias.

To be true, one must serve both sides without reprisal and retribution. A writer of nonfiction, a journalist if you will, must hold this simple truth: Just the facts as they are given and give no subjective thinking on their regards.

I hope I can do this with the purity that I intend for it.