Friday, August 14, 2015

Huge Explosion in China! "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

                                Here's the Video I found  that says it best.

                                                                "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

                          a MILE AWAY, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!

                          Dearest Jesus and your father, I beg you to grant peace to all affected and killed by this. Please forgive their sins before you as they died simply working for a living.

                         I cannot imagine the horror of going to work and having it violently go berzerk and exploding, Sending concussive blast waves that decimate windows a mile and a half away.

                         My brothers and sisters: Think of the homeless created by this. They living in company dormitories that no longer exist as the blasts leveled them flat like a pancake.

                       Think of life living under the suns heat without shelter. No longer having mere sink faucet to grant you water to satisfy thirst.  Dehydrating, your children suffering, their eyes going flat and lifeless.

                Why is it when I say such to Americans things like this, they so simply quip: Well, they made bad life choices....

                       And then I ask them if they attend a church, most responding: Every sunday.

                          Imagine a life out in the cold.

                         Well,  during the summer months, few think about those challenges...