Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sniper: Story of Chris Kyle. My Thoughts on a Sniper.

American Sniper: Story of Chris Kyle. by Mark William Darus. A movie was made about the life of one Chris Kyle, American Sniper. At the time of this writing I have neither read the book nor seen the movie. I am writing this now based on the profoundly stupid and sublimely idiotic viewpoints of those that would consider Snipers cowards of the highest order. Some would suggest these brave men and women, from safe distances shielded far away from immediate retaliation act as mere steely-knived murderers in a back alley way much like Jack the Ripper. Some might say they act as Rogue Elements of country gone insane, are merely 'kites' whose strings can cut, their beings sent adrift, disregarded and totally alone of support as when captured they are labeled spies. In the online game Battlefield 1942, I, more often than not have been a Sniper. When online while playing this, I would seek out the 'ONE' on the otherside that had the highest kill-rate and find ways to eliminate them. If they drove either a Panzer IV or a Sherman, upon resurrection, I would spawn back as someone with a bazooka to take them out. If they were an Engineer, I'd seek them out, hunt them down, and waste them as they fixed tanks and such. If they were, rarely so, a Medic, I'd waste them without a moments hesitation as they tried to help a team member in need. In short: I would find a way to eradicate any single profound threat to my team members. Yeah, so I am a video kid, Wargames Warrior that gets replays at every death and ill move I make and stroll down. Big fucking deal as I die! I merely get re-spawned to try things, waste the bad buys yet again. It's all so cool to do this as we are given a chance to learn from our mistakes. I've gone rounds where my Kill-Rate was 11 to 1 (that is to say I have killed 11 for every one of me.) to sometimes 30 to 1. I would often ask myself: How could I do this better and would push myself to do so from the comfy and cozy realm of a large screen monitor and 5-1 surround sound? Meanwhile, in the real/physical world we live in, Snipers, and I will always capitalize their title as I believe it to be as required as one might acknowledge that of a Doctor, are needed in modern conflicts. Why are Earth would I say such a thing as the above sentence? Mark, how could you possibly compare a cold hearted, stealthy, mile a way Killer and one that swore the Hypacratic Oath (sp?). This is easy for me to share. Here's why. Most doctors these days go toward private practices, specialties, if you will, to combat various ailments though directed points toward healing, more often than not, referring them to another Doctor. . Be it: Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Anorexia/Bulimia, Sleep Apnya (sp?), these selective physicians target and aide and do their best. Consider this: RED SECTOR NINER! crackles over headsets half a world away from our living rooms here in the USA. "Charlie Six is on the move!" A man/woman hunkered down in deep brush has a single target in their guns sights from a mile a way. Another team has Laze'd the area the main target the Sniper has acquired and is calling for a 30,000 foot high request to do a bombing run. A tiny moment passing: a voice goes over the wavelengths, "I've got this! Gimmie a moment, damn you! (deep inhale caught followed by report fired.: "It's done. Bombers stand down. That fucker's toast." The value of a gifted Sniper is to eliminate collateral damage and kill the ONE versus many others and live with the emotional fallout as you are responsible for covering people with the targets brain matter. I cannot imagine how one could balance this in their life successfully. Chris: I respect what you did for us as well as your work helping those Heros that were back in country. May you Rest in Peace and may your family have great lives. I wait to meet you as I earn my way toward the here after. -Mark William Darus