Friday, August 1, 2014

Deadly Women: Deadly World We Live In. Destroying one another...

                                                                    Deadly Women: Destroying one another....
                                                                          Mark William Darus.


                            Several months ago, I actually bought a magazine while waiting in line during shopping. It was about females serial killers, spree and thrill killers. Granted, I seem to love reading about both psychopaths and sociopaths alike, I found reading, delving into these womens lives most fascinating.

                              I thought I'd share a few links with all. These links are from FBI Profilers  (some former members of their exceptional BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit made critically known from Mark Gordon's Criminal Minds TV series.)

                          I was struck by Brenda Spencer, born April 3 1962, who from her home in San Carlos California, fired 30 rounds at Cleveland Elementary school. She injured eight children and killed two adults. She was 16 when she did this, January 29 1979.  Before surrendering to police, she called a Journalist, and when asked why she did it, her only reply was: "I don't like Mondays."

                          More perverse and perhaps further perplexing is this fact: She was very interested in Photography and won first place in a Humane Society competition in 1978, less than a year earlier.

                           This was the first American school shooting.



                              More on Brenda down the road...

                                                     Rachel Wade. Feb 27 1990:

                                                   Teenage Female Killers.


                                                  Many believe most female serial/spree/thrill killers are created from childhood abuse, both sexual and smashing their self esteem to the hilt. . I have done enough research on this to know there is credence here.

                                                  Just Melvin, Just Evil: One of the most disturbing Documentaries I have ever seen.  This is incredibly sickening and uncensored. WARNING: This is rough to watch!

                                  Perhaps this might shed some light...

                                       This one would get the best music award!

                                                      Leaving you with this one, from a former FBI Profiler:
                                               I post this because I believe the minds of the FBI's BAU to be the most disturbing, compelling and most captivating. Imagine having the enlightening and highly disgusting ability, (I call this a gift at birth, perhaps a divine curse.) Possessing an ability to dive into the minds of murders, rapists, arsonists, and the most deadly scum of humanity, empathize with them in order to find them, hunt them down and catch or kill them.


                                        Why is it so many of us are fascinated by people like this? They seek and kill so freely. hunt other human beings, catch and torture, butcher them.  Granted, I know perfectly well  where my spring rises from, but what of the rest of you?
                                      Is it from Hollywood and the myriad of Friday the 13's,  Holloween series, Jack the Ripper, or perhaps the greatest and the best they offer us: Hannibal Lector with Anthony Hopkins throwing his best?

                                        Having many friends that truly like True Crime things, I can only say this:

                                                Hey World:

                                                 Want to watch the death of others  in their backyards disturbing?

                                                 Care to see the bodies being  blown to bits or twisted beyond belief and mangled by mortar fire?

                                                 Wish to watch children getting ripped apart by shrapnel as their parents die before them as we as a race destroy one another? Justifying this, fist thumping chests as we proclaim it a needed strike to preserve our nationality.

                                                     Yeah, If you search the internet, you can see all these things and more so.

                                                    There is so much turmoil going on now, I feel lost when attempting to write about it. This makes me stupid, so I apologize for this.

                                 As always, Dearest Readers,
                  Mark William Darus