Monday, May 5, 2014

"THE OTHERS": (Euthanasia: Hell Bound or Heaven Sent? You Decide...)

                                                                              THE OTHERS:
                                               Euthanasia: Hell Bound or Heaven Sent? You Decide...
                                                                        Mark William Darus.

                              An Eighty year old man, dying slowly, painfully from cancer over the last 9 months decides he's had enough. Pain medications aren't really covering things, though what's left of his bodily actions don't  clearly display this as atrophy holds sway against his once proud and strong muscles.

                               Stuck inside his all-too living, suffering mind, existing and living, though for the sake of others, he rides in his mind alone...

                               His world has devolved into a bedridden existence where the once carefree ability of  taking a piss now escapes him.  The thought of this causing him torment with memories of doing so in his childhood: Opening whizzing with his friends on warm summer days beside railroad tracks during adventures granted and taken.

                             "The Others" have to tend him.

                             "The Others" have to spoon feed him like a loving parent nourishes an infant.

                              "The Others watch closely, though like that of a negative photograph, as this loved one before them gets smaller and more feeble and unsure of each step they take as they strain to meet them eye to eye.

                          As they simply wish for the Angel of Death, Grim Reaper, or simply an end to the pain.

                            A pig-tailed bright eyed blond gets nailed by the driver of a car down a side street. She was chasing after her kids ball. She ran out between two parked cars, and due to this being a happy time, elated and unguarded,  failed to look both ways and was struck down.

                          The doctors cannot fix her, yet can sustain her life with medications and equipment, and due to the extent of the damage, she will never walk again. She will also never have the ability to reach out and hold her children and husband again. She is unable to speak.

                         Laying on a bed, a mere ghost in a shell, all she can do is see what crossed her immediate field of vision.

                          Occasionally showing, with her eyes alone the encounters with others.

                           More often than not, her eyes leak tears without the ability of display facial expression.

                           She signed a DNR (Do not Resuscitate), yet that pales fully. Many is the time she'd told friends: " If I get paralyzed, unable to speak and respond, please kill me...

                            Friends and family both relaying her wishes...

                            Yet, day after day, hour against hours as seconds in her mind become like that of an eternity, she suffers endlessly. As she is fed with tubes, The Others changing her bag. The Others monitoring her vitals and such.

                                                          The Others.

                            I guess you could say many of us have been members of those I call The Others. Most of us have had in our shredded and dark histories the memories of someone we've cared for during their dying hours, days, weeks, months, perhaps years.

                          A legacy of suffering leading to a  joyous epiphany as those we  dearly tended to, like the  cherished raising of our children, ends with them taking a step from the here to that which will eventually   lead them beyond us.

                          The Others: Those of us that know others that desire an end to their suffering.

                           The Others: Bound by the laws of religion and moral code (oddly, that is redundant as Moral code and Law is based on religion alone, isn't it? Surely, it is not based on Human Rights and the Rights of the individual.)

                          The Others: Agency and Legal,  Political Parties that make laws against Euthanasia.

                         Greek: Intentionally ending life in order to relieve pain and suffering.

                         So much for the original definition, yeah, kind of vague except for the 'intentional' part.

                          We'll get to my thoughts in time. Trust me, you know me to be of strong opinions and such.

                           The Area of your life and lands grows dark as the sun sets quickly. You, knowing one that prayed for death to meet their willing body head on is ever present in your mind.

                          Get your boots on as this will get most deep as we step into murky waters filled with tripping algae, seaweeds and thick muddy Earth during this journey.

                           Let's go COLDLY by the numbers, if you would.

                           Euthanasia is highly illegal in the USA, as it is most religious countries.  That being said, it is assumed that those that chose that avenue to end their suffering a suicide.

                             Let's take that apart: A suffering person ends their life equals suicide. I guess that gets the Insurance companies off the hook for paying out anything, right?

                            How would this occur?

                            I will simply, and disgustingly state it this way: In the eyes where insurance companies  are concerned, they'd rather perpetuate the myth of   a living body being worth more dying than one that is dead.  I believe this happens as the insurance world is connected to the medical and albeit the pharmaceutical world, perhaps even the technological industry as one that is dying is far more valuable than one that is dead.

                          In short: They lose a great deal of cash when one of their Premium Paying suffering pulls the plug on themself, albeit either by the hands of a  generous of physician or that of the sincerest of hearts of loved one.

                          Watch a movie called Soylent Green, and ask yourself the direction of our USA as it systematically destroys the middle class and what direction we're heading toward.

                            Check this site out: I found it interesting.
                               Check this out. Interesting read.

                                 We all know suicide is against the law.


                                  We all know murder is against the law.  

                               And someday soon, I sincerely believe those two things will not only be sanctioned by our government but well funded by the very same many currently residing in our welfare program.

                                Ever seen Soylent Green?

                                 Whether they, the willing suicidal dead  become  food sources for the rest of us will remain to be seen. I think Halliburton, Nestle, countless pharmaceutical companies  others might be working on this though...

                                 Huge profit in death and dying and so-called preventions offered up.
                                Ghastly to think that the very same corporations that sell us clothing, food, bottled water, medications for us,  and weapons for our troops might support such diabolical ventures.

                               You should be horrified at the thought. Upset at the possibility this could be true.

                                Better yet, consider that the Leaders of such companies are only interested in the Share Holders wishes and how it could benefit their bottom line. Careful consideration should be placed on the Governments that are politicians that are connected to these by either having friends, associates or themselves benefiting down the road.

                                 When a law changes saying suicide is okay.
                                   When the sweeping pen of some judge, bound for oblivion, signs off on legal murder, does that make it okay?

                                 Do you believe in the laws of man or the nagging of your heart?
                               I am sorry to place you here.

                                I won't ever judge you.

                                    What it breaks down to is this:

                                    In your mind alone:  What can you live with for the rest of YOUR life?

                          Are you willing to accidentally wander through a room and trip a plug ending suffering, and dealing with the thoughts of either being a murderer or a bringer of peace.

                          Does a home health aide somehow give an accidental dose of potassium causing sudden and fatal heart issues to  occur?

                         Sorry if you feel sadly as you wished for a suffering member of your life to wish for death.

                         Sorrier still if you feel guilty as a result of making their end occur by your hands to end their misery.

                          Most do what they do in the heat of the moment. The Human life is a place of solitude standing in a doorway, watching, taking, emotion, hurting, healing/maybe, and joy.

                        Last weekend I met a man of the Clergy, an Ordained Minister in all truth, that somehow stated the bible does not look at suicide as wrong in all instances..

                       When I interjected the bible states suicide being a sin, a woman quickly jumped to his agreeing line of logic, her saying quickly: "It's not suicide as they did not kill themself. Another party actually killed them."

                       I countered back with: "Sorry, but the one wanting to be dead made a contract of some area with the one that took their life, thus creating a pact of Suicide and Murder, making both guilty of such.

                            This didn't go over well...

                             My beliefs: if terminal and in either physical or emotional realms of pain and suffering, do what you do to end it.

                             To you, friends and the Family of the dead and dying.

                             Allow yourself to feel, suffer the loss. Fucking feel a sense of HURT in your life;;;;;

                               I implore you to feel as I no longer feel anything you'd call normal.

                                YOU SHOULD NEVER BECOME LIKE ME...
With eggs, grow a new lifes generation.
                        Mark William Darus 05052014