Friday, May 16, 2014


                                   NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN A BETTER DAY FOR ALL OF US!                                                                                    by
                                                                       Mark William Darus.
                                      Let's once again take a walk down darker avenues of Mother Earth, Ice shelf's shifting, Russia vs. the Ukraine, China vs. Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines over water/oil rights.

                                                  And, in my  belief to be the best quote ever SLAMMING AMERICA TO A FACE PLANT like a failed skate boarder:

             “I propose the United States delivers its astronauts to the ISS with the help of a trampoline,” Rogozin said.

                Yeah, please tell me such a quote isn't from our own countries financial embracing of the TODAY/THIS HOURS such blinding greed by those that control the price of everyday items we Americans need for simple survival.  

We were planning on going back to the moon after the shuttle program ended. This was stopped, most abruptly, causing us to hitch a ride from Russia to get to the same vary space station our Shuttle program  played a massive part in its creation.

                                          How fucking nice is that?
                  Yeah, let's just suck it up further, citizens of America.

                Making myself clear to all:

                           I HAVE NEVER VOTED ON A PRESIDENT. I have somehow always known such event is a merely the powers that be, economic in their hierarchy, to perpetuate some belieft that voting really means anything at all. 

                   Obama first term inherited a Nightmare beyond belief after Bush Jr's reign of bullshit, terror and sadness filled our lands. Obama covering a war longer than any in American history.

                     Second term, My Leader further disgraces my people.

                        Healthcare act is a disgusting joke.

                           His concern for the Ukraine, doing little.

                    As our world goes nuts, shall  we bow down and make peace with ourselves and with one another for a grander sense than the controllers of our countries would have us be granted?

                      And as another virus takes small grip, thus far...

                                   Sorry, Fuck all the crap they want us to believe.

                                   I won't become the thing I hate.


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