Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's just Complete Human prophesies and merely Waste Each Other...

                                                 Let's just Complete Human prophesies and merely Waste Each Other..
                                                                  by Mark William DArus.

                       So a Fed Ex worker goes berserk and kills a few as he strolls into work and eventually saves a community a ton of cash in legalities as he wastes himself...

                     I guess that fucker was considerate on several points:\
                        1. He killed himself;
                         2. He saved tons of cash in legal trials;;;\
                           3. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: in my meager beliefs, he spared the arresting officers a lifetimes worth of bad dreams of gunning someone down.


                                      Did you feel anything cross into your heart as you heard about this or did you crunch it down, thus venturing into the world where I live: that being Psychopathy?

                       A girl of ten years of age is found lying in a ditch, weeks decomposed, ME states she was  sexually abused before she passed. Her tiny, nude body, placed with arms crossing her small chest, an oak leaf covering her vaginal area.

                        Brilliant thirty something brunette is found dead in a wooded area , her limbs are cut off. She'd said she met a new man that seemed to know her so well.

                        A female body was found floating in the Cuyahoga River. Nude and blond, dead floating face up staring into things it will no longer take in, she stares, upward eternally into an area of earth and space. Blazing neon signs, stars and a vibrant moon...

                           What;s left of her....


                           That is.

                           Working Hooomans look down on her, as is their job, and do \what they must. Coldly, speculating at her green eyes.....

                                     Until the thickest of black plastic bags incapacitate her, changing her dead perspective forever.

                      Perhaps we all know something, somewhere has to break.

                                We so easily turn on one another to maintain some area of  perceived right in our life.

                             Gun  Control in the Lands that gave us Jesse James,  Colt, Smith and Wesson, the Horizontal Shot Tower (american civil war), incineration bombs that annihilated DResden Germany, atomic bombs that trashed Japan....

                            Sorry, But our  government cannot stop us from gaining and controlling personal fire armS AS WE HAVE FUNDED COUNTRYWIDE FUNDING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS.  

                             A high school girl has her  purse get stolen in a lunchroom. In the depths most men would never wish to venture, the thief finds a can/device of Mace in her purse and does the DickHead and fires it out. He gets arrested and she gets suspended for doing what we tell women to do: That being, defend yourself.                          
                                             Apparently that d0es not work in America.

         Mark William Darus 0430201