Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Cinema Shooting! Are These Events THE Next School Shooting Craze?

                                               Another Cinema Shooting! Are These Events the Next Craze in the USA?
                                                                           Mark William Darus.

                                     Here's what we know thus far:

                                     People are at a cinema to watch a movie. Some jerk is texting his 3 year old daughter during the movie previews. A 71 year old retired Police Chief is offended and asks the man, two rows away, to cut it out. Apparently, the guy didn't listen to him very well.

                                     He should have.

                                 "B-B-B-B-B-B-BLIP!" comes the sound of the incoming texts, though I somehow believe it was probably a Brittany Spears tone, after all, we know only She could someone to get a gun and kill somebody.

                                  The 71 year goes to the cinema's manager and complains. He then exits the extablishment, reenters and shoots and kills the texter. He claims he was in fear of his life. Apparently, the texter threw popcorn at him.

                                   He shouldn't have.

                                 Wow, really? Christ, how many people of my generation were bombarded, yes, i said bombarded by lethal barrages of popcorn , ice-filled soft drink container, empty Raisonettes/SnowCap boxes during our youth on saturday matinees where flying objects were as common as zits on a teenager? Hmmmm, maybe one of us should've pulled a Smith and Wesson and adjusted peoples thinking right quick back in the late 1960's early 1970's.

                                  WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE???

                                  Christ, I use to think writing fiction was fun...

                                  Writing about reality is far more entertaining and far more frightening.

                                  I am worried though.

                                  Worried for all of us here in the Jolly Old United States. A once great land where now people's nerves are triggered as fast as their fingers on a gun.

                                  Allow me to increase your level of paranoia, if  you please.

                                   Imagine having a sneezing fit in a crowded store. You cover your face as you blast snot into your hands and some friggin' idiot takes it as an assault against them. In their demented mind they believe you're trying to infect them with H1N1, pull their trusty Colt from their hip and send your snot blowing ass into oblivion.

                                   You're buying coffee in a convenience store, Arabic music lazily playing in the background and some dickhead  screams: "THIS IS AMERICA! PLAY THE BEATLES FOR CHRIST SAKE!" as he/she whips forth a shotgun and baptizes the place with pellets. (yeah, I know Beatles weren't American, but you'd be surprised how many here don't know this.)

                                   You sitting in church on a Sunday morn. Your 2 year old daughter in bright dress and pigtails, somewhat antsy, begins to cry. You try to calm her, gently stroking her soft face  and an over zealous usher loses it and smashes your babes head with a collection plate, shrieking: WE CANNOT HEAR THE SERMON!"

                                  I sincerely wish I were wrong with the above scenarios, but we shall see.
                                  As the philosopher Jim Morrison once said: This is the End...

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