Friday, September 6, 2013

Invading Syria. Watch the majority of my Country fall like dominos on a set track.

      Syria and The United States: The French, Russians, Chinese: A globe.
                                        How will this affect us all?
                                      by Mark William Darus

                A simple Question: If the US strikes Syria, as the Russians and Chinese back Syria, what do you think will happen?

Okay, perhaps more than one question. Chances are, not simple ones as my mind works things out easily causing others stress whilst I stroll about a free thinking mind.

Imagine a world in the United States where China becomes our opponent. Would we as a Nation learn to produce for ourselves once  again and be proud by this or merely hunker down under Chinese might as they save us dollars via cheaper product for the average American to afford to sustain their families. We have become slaves to other countries, America. Largely from our wanting the cheaper, faster, easier forms of endearments in the physical world. Graciously allowing American companies to send jobs overseas as we were sold it was better for all of us. Malls popping up like zits on a teenager, The last two decades proving this vastly wrong.

Will Walmart, Kmart and Sears have their shelves shrivel into oblivion in a span of days, weeks, months? China being no longer granted access for their ships to mate with United States soil and further experience economic orgasms benefiting them? And if, for the sake of Americans lives, these ships were granted permission to unload product, aren't we as Americans feeding those that oppose our global stance on terrorism? Granted, this would give American Share Holders in psychopathic ventures peace of mind, but what would this mean in holistic thinking?

Living in a global world, having internet friends across the planet, what would the next World War do to everyone in relation to their day to day lives?

I believe we’d experience either internet Black-Outs, huge interruptions of service or threat notions, perhaps looking like this: “you have ’friends” in areas that are NOT in our Nations best interests. Knowing you must be close to them, understanding this deeply, your Country gives you 24 hours to say goodbye to them and no further should you communicate without harsh penalty. ” I think this would be enough for many in country to chop ties, sever things, hurt others that brought them no pain nor harm individually. I guess you could call this the Digital Phase of Interment Camps, like the United States did with Japanese Americans just after Pearl Harbor attack without the loss of property seized and never regained by those Americans of Japanese heritage.

Yet, bravest of people, imagine an underground this could create...

People once again working for the common good, a life where keeping each other healthy and fed and educated was the hallmark of society and not just some piss-poor political afterthought in an attempt to gain 'their' future.

What makes my country, a Manufacturing Weakling nowadays,  the Global Police force? We've got enough bombs to blast Our Blue Marble to what Charlton Hesston saw in the Planet of the Apes.

          Easy: Our richest people get more wealthy with each and every confrontation we embrace.  Why does corporate America and their CEO's sell us out sending jobs to third world countries, chopping us off at the knees? Yeah, Dumb fucking question: Stock Growth is the answer for their actions via higher production value at much lower cost per man hour.  Think about it: In other lands: There is no social security taxes, health care benefits to pay out. Huge companies on this overseas: GM and Chrysler. I would have tossed the American Steel industry into this though I don't think any of these are truly American companies anymore.

Really, how many other stupid questions can I ask?

Watch the further economic failure in the United States of America if we kill thousands of civilians against a people that did NOT attack us. See the fall out that hits our land.

I want peace.

Not going to happen.

Mark William Darus. 09062013