Tuesday, August 13, 2013

H7N9 Virus: Won't We Have a Lovely Time?

                                 H7N9 VIRUS: Won’t we have a lovely time?
                                            Intro to Full Thought.
                                         By Mark William Darus.

                                    Call this a first strike on my part.

              Called a Bird Flu as it started a while ago, then only appearing in China with fatalities. And think about less than two hundred deaths in a country that had their parents exterminate their female babies for population control. Given this, Can anyone really trust the less than 200 deaths in Mainland China based on this Intel?

                 Look at this pesky bugs history, please.
H1N1:Swine? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H1n1

                  Lovely mutations and the never ending human drive to be GODS. drive in genetics/ DNA and Mitochondrial . New
Frontiers we can create in human form. Discovering in sterile dishes, continued and hunger further fed via Unfortunately Poor intel

             Call me bastard, sir?

What would you call my henchmen? Clones, perhaps?


                 Dr. Peidmont: Gazing fondly, happily as just before a mother dies, she presses her right breast to her new born baby, giving it a last chance for food as she dies. She gave this tiny once known as a parasite certain immunities. Lids shutting, the mothers thoughts closing: “Live, my child! Live on…”

         Dr Peidmont  emotionlessly speaks to his colleagues in a baritone, "Watch closely, Gentleman. She is trying to save her child from destiny."

                What a scientist might call a child, others given size , might declare this floating form a mutation of DNA and wish it to be humanities evolution.

               "She is giving her  child defense's via DNA, Sir!" Adams spoke quickly, carrying the form of a male and tones of a woman. Pimples wrinkling his 22 year old eye-holder. His body happily wearing Depends to contain his glory without embassesment  and Red Bulls chugging him further.  Gaining control over his bodily functions, muscles in his arms enlarge, a light haired man named West

              A nod from Peidmont,  and the mans head sliced at mid neck line in a public bowling alley parking  lot tumbles into murky memory behind the Dyson Repair Center on  Lorain Ave.

              "Sir, nine died when we lost containment. I wou-" a man with a British accent was cut off by a far condescending female tone of Rio.

              "Nine dead is small. Give me damage reports!"

A tiny blond haired female form outside the womb sucks the last her mothers shrinking tits can perform. Hands, fists. lashing out means different. The satellites have a fix on her....

For her, Alice, there is no backwards as her world dissolves into shapes mimicking sounds as smells transform into solid rock.

Her lips are pulled away from her mother by blue surgeons gloves as a stern look crosses her green eyes.

Tired, so tired, Alice thinks....

Alice dreams....


For life.

We run.

To Believe,

We kill much further…

A Child viewed is sheltered and man destroys the Earth.

She is the child of many religions.

She shifts as the highest and the putrid form of attempt their worst spreads sickly venom high, "Fire!" is ordered as they aimed at a body, bodies on cold stainlness steel.

Even from cloning, the chlorinating of a brain, they keep trying as they pose to the public " We're trying us! All of us at the CDC./... \"


And to make many think  the importance of females in religions are  nothing more than cattle 

Mark William Darus 08132013