Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Animals. A Video with original music. Blog Exclusive. and other things.

                                  Animals. A Video with original music.
                                               by Mark William Darus.

                    Filmed at Rolling Ridge Ranch: Millersburg Ohio USA. August 2013.

                     Yeah, amateurish. Still learning a new art. Pretty cool at 51 years old and still believe there is no box for us to think out of. I have so much to learn and love it!

                     I try to learn something each and every day. I freely admit to being ignorant when it comes to so many aspects of life: sewing, Physics, Brain surgery or a heart bypass surgery(though I think I could do this one).

                     This is my belief.  I think some of you might know this already and hold it high within your being.

                      The Secret to feeling young eludes  of you as you go toward tummy tucks, anorexia and or a belief in Infomercials in the wee hours broadcasting aimed directly at your temples. You so willingly forget the strength of your own will.

                      All you simply need to do is try something different and challenge yourself. Leave your comfort place for a few moments a day and learn things you didn't think yourself possible of.  Toss yourself into an unknown area and never, ever care of looking yourself a fool to others.

                       You were a baby once. You forgave yourself your failings then. Learning to crawl, bank off objects and learn to stand. Eventually to walk, perhaps even run and the fallings, tumblings and bashing face to pavement.

                       As a babe, you cried and screamed and wailed madly!

                       Why should this be any different as you became an adult? Granted, you don't always have a mother or father to hold you. They may not be around due to distance or death, so why not fall back on memories happy in your past. Go from tricycle to bicycle. From simple reading to sincere composition,  to gaining strength to differ from our parents views.

                             Life and Learning are NeverEnding stories with those of us with eyes vigilant. I guess the trick is to merely keep ones eyes open.


                        You learned to crawl.

                         To mumble sounds into words.

                         Words, perhaps reaching growls.

                          Thoughts like jigsaw puzzles completed.

                          Personal Expression.

                     Enjoy and Thanks,