Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who Owns Our Earths Waters? Nestle Corp would like to. Stand against them!


                                   Corporate Pyschopathy: Part II: Nestle Corp.
                          "Water is not a Human Right and should be privatized"

                                      I am sharing with you a video interview with the CEO  of Nestle Corp. He thinks water should be owned and traded like, say, oil. He believes the benefit of water is not a human right.

                               Ladies and Gentleman, Children both young and old! Please acquaint yourself with  Peter Brabeck: Chief Executive Office (CEO)Nestle Corporation and his views on something none of us can live without.

                             Sure, we can survive without oil if needs be. History and basic human survival   have taught us this over the centuries. The struggles and prosperities are a mere memory away if we can simply remember the stories shared by our ancestors of their hardships. For my Lands: United States of America, I remember my grandfathers words of our Great Depression and how his countries existence shifted, contorted, strived for keeping loved ones fed and covered in shelter. Poverty hit most high here in the 1930's, as well as the world.

                          "Mark, those few of us that worked during the Great Depression, had the glory of still having a job to work. We worked as much and as hard as we could! We did this not for egos sake, prestige nor gain. We did this to keep our wives and children alive. Our families alive. Many of us had parents still alive and they needed to be tended to. My grandson, never forget my words to you..."

                          I was like 12 or so years old when he passed. His thoughts, tone and expression whilst we talked as he made me pancakes have NEVER left my memory. When it came to World War Two and Japan, he told me in the early Seventies: "Yeah, we won a battle. The Victor in this war will be determined by time itself over generations to follow."

                         C'mon,  you must  know Nestle well growing up in many countries on our shrinking Blue Marble: Nestles Crunch Breakfast Cereals: Cheerios, Cini Mini's, (United States of America).

                             The World of the Nestle Corporation:

                          Other things:  Toll House Cookies, Carnation, Coffee-Mate. Moca (Brazil). Bear Brand Probiotic (Philippines). Hirz (Switzerland). Sveltesse (France). Munch Brunch (United Kingdom).

                          Ice Cream known across the globe: : Camy (Spain). Δέλτα (Greece). Делта (Bulgaria). Frigor (Argentina). Hjem-IS (Denmark & Sweden). Kotijäätelö (Finland). Motta (Italy). Kimo (Egypt). Oreo (Canada). Nestlé Princessa (Poland). And others hosting countless flags via generic shadows.
                          Infant, Baby Foods:  Gerber (USA). Farinha Láctea (Brazil). Nestum (Portugal). Cérélac (no specific country). FM 85 (sorry, but this smacks so hard of a Stephen King story of a US bio-experiment gone sideways...)  Good Start (no specific country). Nan Ha (no specific country). Lactogen (no specific country). Piltti (Finland). Guigoz (no specific country. NanSoy (no specific country. Bona (Finland).

                        Okay, forget baking, cereals and infant food products created by this company. Let's stroll a moment down other avenues, shall we?

                         Performance Products: These are the types of items you'd consume to either enhance muscle growth to helping encourage weight loss or build muscle mass after shedding weight.

                          No countries given on these items. Nestiva. Pria, Supligen, Mushachi, Neston and my personal favorite in the USA, PowerBar.

                         Perhaps I am writing far too heartless about a global corporation that so deeply cares about us. Maybe I should take a step back for a moment, express their endeavors for us to be healthier and more fulfilled.

                  Nestle Corporation Healthcare and Nutrition products:

                     Compleat. Fibersource. Glytol. Diabitisource. Crucial. Nutren. Optifast. Peptamen. Boost.

                 Okay, their seasonings can make our meagerness in cooking taste a tad better in day to day life after a days/nights of sweating to sustain/ or perhaps apologizing to others we've done no wrong to.  Granted, they mostly carry an unhealthy sodium content and most Americans care little about this. >>>I care little about health over taste. I have a scapegoat though: I keep losing weight in this life of my last eleven months and no longer need blood pressure meds. I guess I'm either blessed or cursed. You decide.<<<

                     Their seasonings: Winiary. Thomy. CHEF. MAggi.

                     Frozen Foods: >I'd subtitle this: immediate need to satisfy hunger as there are no longer enough hours in a 24 hour day to sustain to feed my family.< Nestle Corp is not solely responsible for this. They do however  hold a lions share of a market that fuels these thoughts. This company carries brand names known to most of this globe:

                      Tombstone Pizza. Papa Guiseppi,  Lean Cuisine, Hot Pockets, Stouffer's.

                       Hmmm, think of our pets~!  Yeah, they got it covered.

                        Alpo. Friskies, Mighty Dog. Purina. Dog chow. Cat chow. Felix. Beneful. Beggin' Strips.

                         Candy Products sold: Baby Ruth. Bon Pari ( Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.) Big Turk (Canada). Goobers (Polo). Chips Ahoy (USA and Canada). After Eight (Australia). Bertie Beetle (Ukraine). Sweet Tarts (global).

                            Like me, I am sure you have enjoyed this company over the decades.

                           Watch this video and I am sure your spending viewpoint will change.

                             You've gone this far...
                              What's your opinion?

                                Does the word boycott cross your mind?

                               Imagine a day we would say to our children: NO! run away from the open fire hydrant less we get charged for it on a very hot sunny day. How many glasses have you had.

                               Close your eyes and look back on this...

                               A time when you were your young.

                                Asking simply.

                                Can I have another drink of water?

        Mark William Darus 07202013

                Thank you for reading.

Mark William Darus 07202013