Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gettysburg PA, It 150th anniversary coming close.

                                           Walking into death: Gettysburg PA.
                                                 by Mark William Darus

                         Historical Note: The One hundredth fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg PA is coming up close.
                 I am so glad my shop will be closed this week to give me the opportunity to photograph this event.
                I plan on walking Pickets charge: a mile of open ground between them (the South and the North Cannons sights.) Imagine being in their shoes, each step you take getting you closer to the last step you will ever take on this Earth. And Knowing this!)
               Think of a different time in our countries life, where men would do such acts of gallantry and their wives and mothers dealt with their deaths and deformities seldom written by anyone.
                Talk about mass suicides like Guyana and Jimmy Jones, yet these men, most hardened fighters knew too well and General Longstreet did: It would be a long and slow walk to their deaths.
               Close your eyes for a moment and think of you and your loved ones if they met an event such as this head-on.
               America is such a young country in the history of the world. We don't learn from our mistakes very well, like some stubborn child. I think Gettysburg will happen again in our history as this really needs to occur to create a change for the better for all Americans lives.

    Mark William Darus 06152012