Saturday, May 25, 2013

Like I'm Floating Through Life: By Sonia J.

                                 Like I'm Floating Through Life.
                                               by Sonia J.

I thought to myself I’ve never written before


something is driving me to Write….

what should I Write about

should I just make up a story that would draw people to read


maybe I could strike it rich

should I Write what I feel

what I desire

my thoughts about life

as I see it now…

or how I feel so different than anyone else

sort of like I don’t belong

like I’m floating through life

should I write how its suppose to be written

written with rules and regulations

as society expects you too

.. Or should I just write


express to the world

as I see the truth with no hesitation?

After all I’m not a writer...

does it really matter if people read my story?

Or if I have a best seller

or is it more important to me

and helpful for me

to just Write

not hold anything back

because just maybe



there are others who feel as I do …

everything happens for a reason

but can’t explain or understand why

even now the reason I’m writing is the reason why your reading this,

the reason why I’m who I am and you are who you are….

Life leaves you with many unexplained questions

sometimes you don’t ask as to not be different

or weird sometimes

you have answers without a question being asked

I guess that can be weird ….

I feel what I feel because I am alive

filled with life…

I write what I write merely to express what I see with my eyes and soul

my hopes that maybe someone could maybe reflect on my thoughts

explain the theory to me



maybe as I express myself I’m explaining it to you ..

you see there’s really no secret

I believe everything every day

every second

that passes


that occur good or bad

have a reason

a purpose

an outcome …

we determine that out come

through our actions and reactions

how we handle the obstacles

The situations

transpire in our lives

it’s not our job to question why

yet it is our job to learn how to manage

situations so that we can get the outcome

t we require for a better tomorrow

bottom line

our actions determine our outcome in our lives.

Sonia J.

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Authors Note: Sonia: thank you once again for sharing your mind with us. I think you have much to give as you write and express things that your mind catches hold of.