Monday, January 7, 2013

Cloning: Just make me copy.


                                      Cloning: Just make me copy…
                                           By Mark William Darus.

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           So many species endangered, hundreds of them left with a thousand representative types.

          Funny how all these organizations push for funding to sustain the dying breeds, house them in safe, controlled structures, in hopes they mate. Cloning these soon dead animals can realign the destruction man has made on this Earth.

          We have been given the ability to sustain animal life. What stopped us? Was it a movie called the Boys from Brazil, and the cloning of Hitler?

          Let’s take a look at how we view anything less human life forms on this Earth.

          Know this: I am a carnivore. I like steak and I like it bloody rare. Not a big fan of chicken, though a good sweet and sour comforts me. Pork? I friggin’ love bacon! It’s not from some lack of sensitivity for Jews I say this, I just love smoked pig in slender strips.

          In a previous post, I placed list of endangered animal species on this planet. Blog entry: 10252012 At the Cleveland Zoo.

We have the ability to perpetuate vast generations of species livelihoods, yet we don’t.

Why is that, I have to ask?

Does this lack of scientific drive forward come from Politics, Religion, or simple human greed?

Each of the three listed above can thrust their points as good as any male porn star and slam its point home thrust on thrust to the point all eyes get dizzy and senseless.

Yet most of their arguments make little sense to anyone.

When it comes to politics: Imagine a clone of Lincoln. We could do this, you know. Just imagine another Civil War. Okay, America: Tell me how that would be a bad thing?:???

Greed and Religion seem to go hand in hand in my opinion like a bullet placed into the firing chamber of a hand gun, set to purpose.

If we could clone dying animal life from this planet, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be shred in preserving them. Imagine the economy… The havoc. The horror…

When it comes to religious angle about the creation of life versus, say, abortion. Most religions have a great deal to express about abortion, and these same factions have so much to say against its creation via cloning.

Let/s face it: Mankind has the control thru science to recreate life as its on the verge of complete annihilation. We intelligently know that with each species trashed, another rung in the ladder of our own existence is climbed further toward planetary death. As we die down the road…

We have a fragile balance here.

Simple human greed plays more of a part than anything else.


If all those willing to talk about animal rights and spread coin did anything, they’d push for cloning of animal life instead of the passive route of asking for more funding to maintain what we have left in the hopes they breed in captivity.

Take a moment.


Imagine a beautiful night with your man. The moon is rolling slowly half-full, the scent of heather and grass fill your nostrils with the scent of him.


You desire him as his face locks on yours.

Your eyes meet, pupils dilated and fiery now.

You turn from him after the smallest of eye-mind lock with him.

He gently goes toward you.

A low, yet low male vibration sounds behind you, the growl of animal desire you crave. . You saw the intent in his eyes. You wanted him. Needed him.


His body gently hunkers over you as he mounts you from behind. His sharp claws never cutting you as they pass your tender midsection. Tenderly covering you, you feel his body climb over you. Chilly air replaced by his heat as his hands meet yours.

He enters your willing body…

And flashbulbs from people kill everything.

Just imagine if you were them.

Tell me how cloning could be wrong on this.

Mark William Darus 01072013