Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Raped: Part Two.

Being raped: Part two.

Continued from Part One. >>><<<

Thrusting into her dryness, she felt a ripping as if sandpaper had enter her, pain. A pain like nothing she’d ever known. The hurt, anguish. The full throttled running of her blown away mind.

“Owww, ya, getting’ smoother, momma. Wetter. I feels ya!” he grunts as he pounds her splayed body.

Thunder vibrating as rain falls from above. Lightening flashes casting blue light around her.

Cutting her, slamming about her unwilling vagina, feeling his liquid in her as his dick moves in and out. Wanting to throw up and being unable to do so. Lost…

Part two:

Splitting her in two, her wrists and ankles bound and tied extreme, helpless.

Her eyes defiant blazing upward against horrid contrasts. She see’s star filled night followed by shadowed man hovering above her. He is grunting.

He is slamming away at her. Every thrust of his pelvis pushes her slender frame another two inches forward, hurting her tied writsts and ankles, cutting them by constriction.

She is lost, and wishing to be further into the lands of the lost. All she did was leave work and want to be home.

She was stupid and helped someone.

“Should I’s kill ‘ya, whore” he asks.

The light and dark of his life bounces above her. She cannot find strong point of anything singular with this male, making him a target.

“Don’t you look from me, Missy,” he says, smacking her with his right hand, causing her to wince.

She snaps her eyes back to his.


She heard a sound in her head.

He is slamming his dick into her repeatedly.

Her mind taking in a situation that cannot be won. Well, that is, unless one gets creative.

She felt her left hand slip free.

“oh yeah, whore, gonna be mine.”

Her hand found a something that made her glad.

“Getting’ close, bitch! Take me! TAKE ME!!!”

“You want me to tighten, Man” she gasped, her body heaving with abandoned. She yanked his flanks closer.

“Fuck, Whore, yeah!” he said gasping for air, soon to be another world from him. Slender pelvis crashing into her like a bad Cop’s episode.

              “You gonna cum, man?” she yells.

         “UH, MAY, YUH,”

            “Good enough for me, fucker!” she says as she takes her free hand met with sharp stone and cuts his balls off.

                   Men being stupid while fucking, this man, soon to be less than, cried like a fool. As if he didn’t have it coming. He heaved a last toss of air, and keeled over. Her hand cleaved this mans nuts. Looking as if many losing self as a result of orgasim versus death.

                  "He must've taken far much ale, brethren, take him. Next." A  brunette whore states cutting flack. "Just another tosser to the river, right, darling's?": She is tossed back at her words.

                  Going lower than his neck, she chops at his femoral. A death sentance in slight seconds as one bleeds out.

                   And who cries for someone that dies slowly while commiting an act of rape. Still asking begging for a pardon as their bodies actions display otherwise?

                   Who cares?

                       I don't.....

                       We all live or die by what we believe in the value of another. How cool is that?  

                      Mark Willliam Darus 11162012

NOTE: This woman was raped two other times this night.

Mark William Darus 11172012