Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanks to Shelly: Songs that inspire as I shot photos.

                                               Love thee more dearly.

                                   As i witnessed my best friend renew vows with his woman of 25 years. Seeing them stare into each others eyes lovingly.


              I love as I have so long ago
                      More so each and every day
                              we share

             as death and life greet us as season pass
                      body longing to be held by you
                   to smell you
                         to hear you
                             taste your lips against mine
                                  to be one with my chosen
                       As you took me into you, m'love.

                        I don't want a day without you,


Why must you stay ahead of me?
Title above:
Can't you see I love you?
Your legs so longer than mine
must I view your shoulder blades
Endlessly I do this
as you ask why I don't answer
from what you inquire
as i cannot hear you.
Can't you take a moment to share with me?
We share to view nature as one
yet you always are ahead of me
I've told you my feelings
you say I am weak
unfeeling bastard
Do you hear the nails
as you place them in our coffin
Growing further apart with each step further you take
I've placed you on our couch
negated you
I was the one you chose over all others
I was the one you stupidly forgot your friends over
I will be your downfall
you forgot me.
fuck you.
MWD 2012
Call me Tara.
Tara: a poem
Call me a bitch
There are so many that fill my tiny head.
Judge me fucker
give it your best shot
there are more of us than you.
probe our brain
you merely snagging one of us
as you nail a singular jaw.
Caught Sara we laugh
Bill, history
Cara still fighting
Just die, why don't you
we rally around her
getting smaller
you shrink
so tiny
I am Tara!
I am legion
Can't you see this?
Hard as stone
We will mess you up!
Why can't you see this?
I took this one when i came to. Shaking stars from eyes, the song that nailed was Chubby Checkers. "As you walk through the hall of mirrors," Harder than Diamonds.

With a long exposure. I took a second to view the LCD of this,
Confirming my attempt spotting a couple starring at the falls,
As the man and woman lovingly looked into each others eyes, being what I am, I had to ask. What they're chances really?
We all take in so many splendid moments in pairs  to hate each other later on.
Don't get me wrong as I have been here.
poem about the photo above:
inspiring song: Annie Lennox;
I took you.,
I took you into me
my body
after so many coffees and toy stores
we laughed as one
press of an ear
stupid voices talking
buying me drinks
and Misty Menthols
your words
Playing me
sensing my weakness
of nature and things wondrous
I am
you stroll away.
Behold my wedding veil
I hate you further
my belly grows
Oh yes
I will see you once again
at that time
Your blood will flow like a waterfall
Such pale red
like the worthless man you are.
Mark William Darus 20132012
Colours and leaning flame make this one. About 15 taken  to get this . I did find this pretty though. blow it up and seek the reflections on this one>

No matter how bad you see your life, there are smiles and laughter if you can just see it. This one was cropped, but her squinting eyes and lips made this real.
As she looks to my BESTEST friend as she has for over 25 years of marriage, I read her teeth and eyes. The set of tranquil face in her.

                                                  Promise me.

                I took doors from your jeep to stray you
                                 keep you nearer to me
                                          be by myside
                                           we hunt together
                                              as i hunt you.

                                                 by myside
                                wanting you more
                                                    loving you
                                     Not knowing why
                                             Be mine.
                                         Sweetest man
                                              of gentle nature

                                             I have loved you
                                       as you've shared with me
                                   Gasping air in thrusting passion
                                             as you've shared
                                          02 tubes maintaining life
                                                 to my bestest friend
                                            Keeping my 'Wilson' alive
                                                you keep him running

                                                  I hope I pass before him.

                                            No woman has ever looked at me
                                                  as you have looked at him

                                              Mark William Darus10132012

Authors Note:  As I wrote this, this song hit me.Rising from a movie I think this to be worthy of listen. Most sad, melancholy, yet hopeful.

Bulb of Voltage:
This was taken during a gathering of poets.
The above people gave to me. Greeted me and took me in. Fired my creative nature. .

                                        Singular in nature, hitting bars, getting smashed with inebriated  hopes of finding the one that accepts us. So glad I never hit bars but I think I'm in the minority on this.  With Poets in Tremont, no one gets smashed as they care for one another. How cool is that?

                                                     To Shelly:

                                You gave this entry a guidance,  >yeah, how cold does that sound coming from a man like me<
                                   Shelly: You are the only one to respond to me.

                                 You gave me the inspiration to give this not only words, photos but songs....
                              I dedicate this entry to you, Shelly.
                            I hope i didn't PHUCK ID Yup!     :>

Authors Note: Well, good morning everyone on our planet. I hope your sunrise, noon sun rising, sunset or moon rising meets takes you in happy arms.

For your higher powers sake

mArK wIlLiAm DaRuS    <c',mon. What could be more human than errors???? 10132012

If you cannot find any beauty in this life as those closest to you show this, then be fucked. Know this though before you blame everyone else: You did this to yourself.