Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Part Three: Photography and what inspires a Hunter.

                         Photography and what inspires a Hunter. Part Three.

                    The rush of crashing water surrounds me with its sound.

Nature has always fascinated me. I've been fond of the rough seas of Lake Erie. Taking these photos took a massive amount of patience I did not know i had.

If life sprang from the water, I have to believe dancing waters are its labor pains as if gives further life. Take a moment to think about this: Without water, we'd be doomed. Protect our precious seas!


Above shot: I cannot believe I caught a gull in this one. 'click to enlarge'

Above: slow exposure time to create the wedding veil. I really love this camera and how it is so willing to work with me.

 Sometimes, not catching the flying beads of flying water has its place.
Above: Like the fingers of one so trusted,  gently running through their lovers beautiful white hair ever so passionately.

In conclusion:
Serenity in Violent Crashing.
a poem.
standing tiny before you
meeting you
 you speak to me
words many won't take time to listen
your loving words
Embrace me
granting warmth without condition
take me beyond
the price of living
 petty tribulations
 you freely give this to all
with awaiting eyes i stare at you
Knowing not what you see in me
yet you dance
you shine
parade proudly
granting me a show
that can never be copied
didgitally recreated
no matter how long i walk here
Gentle provider of occasional violent waters
Giving so very much
asking us for nothing
I am small before you
I will never neglect you
I'll always love you.
Mark William Darus 10092012