Monday, October 15, 2012

Open letter to my family about Rape and Death-Farms.


                    An open letter to my family about my RAPE entry.
                         When I say family, this includes close friends.
                                   To me, loyalty means family.
                                     My closest friends hold me

                       the link below should be listened to with this entry

                                   I originally sent this to Gretchen.

Personal note first and foremost.

Gretchen, M'dearest.

This one is true and very painful to many. I am sure of this but had to write it all the same. I hope as it goes further it does not cause you distress as you feel so many stresses now.

There are so many elements I need to add to part two.


I take so many areas of human feelings and emotions and break them down into areas that make sense to me. To me, they are elements, fragments, slender threads those that ask me to put into words for them. They say they're lost and their shadows keep on changing. These wonderful people are not schizophrenic, psychopaths or sociapaths. They do have families, possess friends and passerby acquiantances. More often than not, those closest to them dismiss them and strip them from their lives. . I have witnessed this more often than not with WASPs <white anglo saxon protestants>. They seem to love animal causes and can't stand people.

                                   About Death-Farms )nursing homes(.

               Unlike so many nationalities in the USA, WASP's  without any sense of heritage, other-land background sense,  more often than not negate their failing family members. So causually, like  placing a pair of stinky socks into a soon discarded locker, they meander about their lives feeling justified as they do their best.

              Seeing this as I visited what I would call a  Death-Farm, nursing home, several times a week. All this patient needs is the caring attention of one that would place their life on hold to care for them and bring them back to either health or meaningful passage to death. Didn't this needy person do the same for us back when as they raised us?

              This being my blog, I don't care who would argue what I say. Frankly speaking, no one here in the United States comments whatsoever about what I say. No Sweat: You probably need more ego boosting media amp'd Viagra to fill you or where women are concerned, fuller tits to make you both feel important.

             Sure, I'm an idiot. But why do I see the majority of those in nursing homes <death farms> so tiny in frame that a 14 year cannot turn them to prevent bedsores? Why can't a child born of them take the time to learn the simple motor skills they taught us?

               How hard is it to place Playdough in their fragile hands and ask them to roll it out to the shape of a worm and squish it flat? To help them to stand as they regain the strength of legs?

              Most of us with enough coin can afford this when retirement benefits fail and Medicade <sp?> runs amok. Over 75 percent of all those in nursing homes have at least 2 married family members living within 30 miles from them. Most of those would rather spend 10k on a deck, pool or further living space.

                       I have learned much in the past 10 years. What I have learned, saying little positive about what makes us human, I believe most of us to be predators.  Going far and beyond what Dr's. Cleckley and Hare research discribed, we've taken this to such an acceptable level reaching a sick norm in society.

                       Who cares? Someone is making money, right?
                     Let's blow them off like bright autumn leaf.

Mark William Darus 10152012