Monday, September 10, 2012

Worth a thousand words: An unexpected marriage.

                       Worth a thousand words: An unexpected marriage.

             I find it amazing how the many months of writing refueled my interest in photography.

             I have little idea what made me buy the Kodak EasyShare camera from Big Lots that 90 degree day in July. After posting photos on Facebook, a coworker gave me her camera when her husband bought her a much better Canon outfit. I later traded that in adding a few extra dollars on my part, I purchased the FujiFilm S4200 I use today from Dodd Camera.

           Not two months after starting digital photography an odd thing occured. I began to realize that writing made me take more photos  and taking pics made me write more.

           I began to think: What a perfect marriage of creativity.

           I humbly wish to share with you what I believe to be my best photographs to date.

           I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

           Mark William Darus 09102012

                      <click on the Photographs below to see full form.>






                           This was the first time I caught lightening.


                         Thank you for taking the time to look at them.

                          All photographs taken by Mark William Darus.
                                   Can be used with permission.