Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amazing Grace: Mark's prayer to Christ and God

                           Amazing Grace and a wretch like me.
                                   by Mark William Darus

            Christ almighty, you give me direction and guidance in the oddest of fashion. I only write what you wish, take photos of wondrous things you give to us and guide me to shoot.

            To you, my Christ, I will never doubt you and your father as you both shape me from the thin and watered down clay I am before you.

          As you spin the potters wheel, I in weak and fragile form spitting water from mixtures of mud, fecal matter and dirt, shedding past life created by me, you reform me.

         Knowing I will never call myself a 'born-again' you accept this and hold me fast in your arms. You both always take me as I am.

        I am the wretch sung about in Amazing Grace. Yet you and your father have never left me though many times i turned my back to you both. I cursed you, took your names in worst order as my jagged tongue spilled out blasphemy most loud.

         Yet you still gave and give me signs in the darkest of hour and give me a beauty to see and share with others.
         The both of you keep me positive and gentle in nature.

          You guide me and never give up.

         You had me begin to write again months ago and display it to the electric circus of the Internet. Reaching others on the Earth God gave us to live on.

        You give me the strength to continue this and preserver unfavorable comments.

        Christ and the Father of all: You made me and keep working me. I have little doubt you helped me trash my emotions so long ago for the benefit of others. I am sure you, Christ, like any father and son argue over what should be and how its done. I believe I to be some bastard son of you both, a joining of the Old Testament and the New. The lands where ones breaking down and wandering journeys <old testament> are granted total forgiveness and redemption <new testament from Christ>.

        Some question if I am being guided by Satan in current standing and beliefs.

        Does that really mean anything as i look up to you both?
        God and Christ: Amazing Grace.
        I am the wretch in that song.
        I thank you both for what you have shown me.
        Mark William Darus