Saturday, August 4, 2012

Identity Crisis: by Ryn Cricket.


                                                Identity Crisis.
                                        A work from Ryn Cricket:

–Not one of those
when you look in the mirror
and see your mother looking back,
It’s when you look in the mirror
and don’t recognize that person
at all.
This is not the person I grew up with
When My four year-old says,
“Mommy, I don’t like your hair.
I miss your Rapunzel hair.
When will it grow back?
My wedding dress,
My claddagh ring,
my favorite shirt,
my underwear
are all way to big
to even be passable as baggy.
My cheeks aren’t full like a 20 year-old’s
but sunk-in like a 60 year-old with botox.
“Mommy when are your scars going to go away?”
“These don’t go away.
They were made by a doctor’s knife.”
I’m healthy.
I’m tired.
I’m recovering.
I’m cancer-free.
But who the hell is that in the mirror?

Author: Ryn Cricket