Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Hope: by Kara H. Montgomery.

                                                       I hope.
                                         By Kara H. Montgomery.

Kill my alarm as it splits my brain to bits and pieces
Half hour before sunrise
Roosters crowing
Dogs hungry for chicken
This world starving to eat me

Not done yet casting sleepers away from eyes
Coarse and tired hands of labor
Scratching my face, red cheeks aof many sunfilled days
Red and blistering
Soon infected
If not cared for.

In cooler:
1 piece of bread
1 egg
Tiniest amount of whole butter
Container of steak seasoning: going back to times better

Mixing those to splendid harmony
Eating in small amounts to fool the stomach
Relishing every bit
Swallowing with water

Only acknowledged by those that give up
Fail to try
Those lacking hope
And those who cannot be happy for anyone else.
Poverty belongs to those that give up on all.

I am not one of those
I help without regard of self
I try in all aspects
I hope the best for everyone

I hope.

By Kara H. Montgomery: Child of South Africa.