Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Places Revisted: Coming Home

                             Happy places revisited: Coming home.

                                      By Mark William Darus


Such a wondrous place to live and learn

Each days treasure hiding to find

From idle glance treating eyes to sights unseen

Great smells of cooking from several houses away

Laughter from something not painful to anyone

Looking to heavens and Earth

Camera in hand and ready


Tripod to hold things steady

A world once known well


Now digital

Costing much less than decades before

Missing as little as possible


Once again put into coherent fashion

Making sense to others in ways never known

Lack of booze but having great pills

Like a river strong and flowing

Passing over rocks and flying over falls

Moving in whatever direction they course

Not knowing from where they come from

Not knowing where they’ll lead

Not knowing

Wondrous place to be as mind churns on

With undertows and whitecaps



Marriage of ability


Sheer dumb luck

Embracing all senses with heart full open

Smell fragrant rose over exhaust fumes

Hear laughter killing the screams of the insane

Witnessing the splendor of this Earth as trees climb

factories descending into the minerals of their creation

Wind caressing exposed flesh

Air pushing hair about haphazardly

To chill or to heat the body

Warmth of the sun after a long winter

To feel what your life has to take in

Complete exposure

Arms extended wide

Mind growing with each moment experienced

Bad or good

Something to be learned always

Every aspect of being

A never closed or locked door

Exposing self with no regard toward judgment

Contented place in this world


Given by those well known

Those taking the chance to meet via Electric Circus


Being greeted

Being accepted

Reaching and being connected

To feel once more


               Mark William Darus 0823-242012