Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reader comments on current direction of The Blog.

                          Reader Comments: Stories of BPD.





                          Sarah’s Story is the same as my sister. I have no clue how she keeps trying and never gives up on hope. She has blown off all family over the years and never listens to sound advice.

                     Your posting of this gives hope to all of us that see this in ones we love.

                    Hope never ending, trying day to day.


                   Thank you,

                    Emily, Frankfort Germany.




                 Frankly, Sarah should just kill herself and save the lot of us from her expense and economical burden.

                -Peter, Ontario Canada.




                   Samir’s a human that should just be put down. C’mon, look at what he told his sister, “ sorry, again.” Some deserve little else and should be mercy killed.

              Think about it.

               -Clive, UK


                On your Never Learning.

                Hammer to the head of the nail.

                Massive sense of being there.

                Frantic sense of an ER in full gear presence.

                You are either a nurse or have been their fully conscious. On the table?

                 I don’t care which.

                 You see and hear areas of desperation.

                 God alone knows how you do this repeatedly.

               -Moya, one of Ireland.



              Sofia’s story made me sob fully. Going for lira and getting gunned down.

               It happens. Still mad me cry.

               -Arietta, Italy



              I feel you have no sense of traditional faith within you. I believe you to be both godless and lacking spirituality.

             I have to say this. You did well with the Catholic Church on your entry about Anthony on July 8.

             Not all priests molest and defile youth. Most of them go for the worst of humanity and strive to save them. You stated this righteously with your words.

            You have some place in being what you are.

            Thank you for showing the more often than not upside to my church.

           I constantly pray for you,

            -Anelie, Bulgaria



              You are so totally fucked up! You spek of drugs and magdness and behmoths stretching of harpies for guds kids to falls to. Yur wholl blod is bad.

          Bich, mour wizkee. Takk bak is pnch uu’s in face.

           U suk cokcsukcer,

            - Jeffrey, Clackamas County, Oregon.




             I’ve read you on Facebook time and time again. I found you around April. I have no clue why you do this. Getting more feeling with each post. Yeah, I know what you say about warnings and shit, but you don’t stop and shift gears toward other areas to hold an audience.

           I followed you thru P:AL but find myself enchanted by what you post in its second part.

            I have to state this: Tommy: one to four, your best writing ever. Vivid to horrid senses of sight, sound and smell. Light splashing, sounds of thumping, smells of sweat and iron from fresh blood.

          Having read words you shared with the world, I do believe you hit as many Countries as you’ve said, I can state this. You are intelligent, having shallow emotions, objective in stance and meaning to what you write. I believe you are what you say you are: How could you write what you write without this knowledge of yourself?

         To me, you are nothing special. No more than Clive Barker, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, Kuntz or King. That is not bad, they drew from others too.

          What makes you different is this. You give some sense of empathy in your words drawing readers in, wanting more.

         In all honesty. I want to read more about those like Tommy. By the way, loved the Quadraphenia Tommy song as the end of it occured. It was this that made me scream YES! This exclamation woke my husband abruptly. He soon looked less stunned as I read to him your words and its ending.

         I Loved the ending of this saga. “touch me…” nurse says. Tommy responding, ‘feel me,” Their Embrace and area of those you told us in words of those seeing it happening. What can I say but this, you are a romantic writer in heart and soul most worthy of some bastard new form of a Harlequin romance novels. Visually making as many heave popcorn and Pepsi to floor as married with those screaming‘ yeah, show me more shit, bro!”

           You’ve got talent. You really do need to know this.

            Mark, don’t you ever doubt what you write.

              Post my real name, but before you do, confirm it.

                               AN: having done so.

                   -Isabelle, Trinidad and Tobago.






                        Authors Note: Thank you to all who shared their criticism. It is your words both plus and minus that keep me writing.

                 There is more to publish here from email content huge and drowning in size. I’ll get to them in due time.

             My thanks,

               Names changed unless otherwise asked for and confirmed.

                         Mark William Darus.  07312012