Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Theatre Killings: Let's goto the movies.

                          Let’s go the movies: Colorado, USA.

            First showing of Newest Batman incarnation ends in death.

             Fire door alarm opened, never notifying anyone of its breach.

                                        Serious FLAW!

                   Sitting back, new movie spinning from reels.

            Cola being drank, Raisonettes, Goobers and SnowCaps munched.

               Heavy butter applied to low grade popcorn smells fill this theatre.

              As such things have done millions of times before across our shrinking planet.


                Let’s look at what we know:

              James Holmes, 24 years old, college graduate rising toward a PHD in Neuroscience. College Prof’s call him the ’top of the top’. He studied Psychology and was writing a paper on a theory of ‘What we Are?’ <<< I ‘ll get to possible meanings of that later.>>>

            He started buying firearms perhaps two to three months before this. These purchases were passed by United States checks, therefore approved.

            He did everything legally in his endeavor, going about the proper steps. Taking time with patience and knowledge of how things work.

          Knowing his end and getting caught, setting booby traps in his apartment on huge scale. Dressing in Joker garb, car parked near an exit, ticket in hand. He enters this Colorado cinema.


         Fully armed, tossing smoke grenades to an audience soon to descend to real chaos, fully armored.

         Smoke blanketing, images of the movie on cloudy display obscured. Opening fire.

        Crowds first stiffen, shocked, inhaling deeply whiffs of butter and smoke.

           Through screams matching the fire of his semi-automatic weapon rise above. Second thing happening, the shocked drop to the floor for cover. Hearts running amok, blood pressure nailing levels of personal unknown capabilities.

        Stage three, Run for your life! Fight of flight in the greatest of experience.

          The mass of viewers head down the four isles seeking EXIT. Smashing against, colliding with, trampling over anyone between them and their salvation.

                         Perfect line of fire.

             Aiming down a single isle, semiautomatic loaded, humans clamoring for safety.

          Leveling, releasing a fifty round burst.

           Bone, skin, shoulders and life itself colliding with hunks of iron, smashing, last air passing through lungs.

                 Panic in the most electric of moments.

            Firing weapon. Killing and maiming. Killing and Maiming.

              To quietly leave and wait for the Police to grab him.

            And to the tell the officers that he booby trapped his apartment.



                So many questions and the sincerest of answerer's will never be granted.

            He wasn’t bullied by any account. Had one speeding ticket and a stellar educational background.

           Yet he somewhere down the road, acquired weapons, ammo and body-shield protection. The United States FBI labeled him as brilliant. I would argue this. If he were truly brilliant wouldn’t he have had a perfect exit strategy? He acquired his weapons legally.

             The sincerest of insane don’t willing give themselves up. They also don’t Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid romp out to a Bolivian type army to get gunned down. The truly insane simple eat one of their last bullets.

           By contrast, look at Columbine and other such events. These killers were made from years of being bullied. Not justifying this by any means, but such events did have some motive attached to them.

          The Theatre in Colorado had no such things.

             What made this 24 yr old male do what he did?

          Speculation will abound on all networks as they clamor for deeper insight, producers aiming for huge ratings, scooping others, death for profit.

           Welcome to the United States! We will turn any and all tragedy into a profit making venture. BECAUSE WE CAN!

              James Holmes event eclipses me in the purest of life.

             Lives were taken hugely. Birthdays shattered and scarred.

              Yet, why did this happen?
               I may eat my words on this: Did he do this to be the number one spree killer in the United States?

              So much unlike predator serial killers like Bundy, Rameriez and Chikatilo, he did this as a singular showing in huge proportions.

              My question is this: Will the United States find some absurd way of throwing this to  some other country as as act of  terrorsism?

                      I remember 911. the madness that took hold in my land. I remember the paranoia gripping many white persons to look twice at every corner store or 7-11. Casting grim shadows on those that had served them kindly for years. Posters crossing freeway overpasses exclaiming: Kill
All Arabs! 
                       To find out several years later that my pwn counrty, the United States welcomed the and funded the very group that supposedly caused 9-11 to happen?
                 So many finanical  ties between the SR Bush Admin and the Taliban and other areas of the same countries we waged war on.

                 Again, I sadly say this: Who, as a people, really give a fecal matter about who gets killed so long as it does not affect us in our day to day lives. Blindly believing free flowing media, hunkering down like frightened gerbils we hide.

                 Walk your road, I will walk mine. I pass no judgement for your thoughts. I do not care how you view or read mine. You have an opinion and will always respect this.

                 Like some bleach blond anorexic bitch in a Miss USA pagent: I WANT WORLD PEACE.

 Mark William Darus 07212012