Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 months of solid writing: Anniversary for me.

                 Four months of writing and not ending thoughts water falling into words.

                Research to the active mind should never fall to idle embrace.

       On a personal note, I cannot believe I would ever continuously write on a single subject for so long, hopefully do some justice, and express my thoughts with those of others. I am flabbergasted to say the least, not only by my endeavors yet more to those that sent emails urging me to go forward.

       Even with the ending of Psychopathy: Another Life and its going toward Borderline Personality Disorder, emails land on my place in the web of this grand world we inhabit.

       I stated at its start: I hope some gain some knowledge through my words on subjects most dark, to gain some understanding into lesser known areas of human psychology.

       Given the content I have received, I can believe I did hit some, albeit from lands far and away from the USA. I truly had no idea this would happen though I am profoundly glad it did.

       I had seen on TV how blogs hit the globe. I had seen shows that had those offering kidneys and organs to a blogs founder in times of distress from other countries. I can now see how this happens, yet still held by such events. The power of words? Power of emotion to others? Power for the right thing to do?

       Power suggesting a sacrifice selves for the benefit of another?

       Do these that offer themselves to some electronic persons plight, showing the rest of us: what is human? And do this with little less than the suffering person to simply be able to write further?

      The more I publish here, the more I know where this ability to do so comes from.

       This graceful ability comes from Jesus, or as some would say: a higher power. Does it really matter in the long run which religion this follows and most of these teach us the same roads to follow for peace on this Earth? Buddha, Islam, Jewish, Christian <and it’s various subdivisions> Atheist, Hindi, Taoist, Shinto, Manichaeism, Cheondoism, Tenrikyo, Rastafari, Wicca, Pagan, and those that simple believe in nothing whatsoever. You follow the laws of what you believe as do I and for this, none of us are any different than one another in the grand scheme of things.

       Yes, I am an asshole believing that someday humanity will ever have peace. We, as a species will always carry hatred of wrongs done to our people and wish to avenge our dead. We are human, subject to fail, repeating history ever forward. We learn nothing of the past. We sacrifice for a flag, pompous beliefs and offer up our children die as they die young.

       For country <USA>, King/Queen, Czar, Dictator and self. What is to gain as we allow our kin, children to get wasted, dieing face down in muddy lands away from us, for us to maybe prevail in some illusion the media spins most proper?

       I have been asked about 500 plus times in the last 4 months why I write on this blog and why I created it. I do this, without the blatant sarcasm that usually follows such, because I can. I write what I do because I am compelled to do so. There is some element within me that can take the most depressing aspects of humanity and write about them without judgment or remorse. Third Person narrative, fly on the wall, feeling nothing and just seeing the minds eye, as others share with me.

          Am I evil?

       This depends solely on your point of perspective. I write about desperation, being used by those that use us, the nearly dead and those wishing to be so, ones that wish to use each and every one on either a personal or economical level <via banks, leinholders, shareholders> of some femme fatale/ gigolo conning out of an inheritance.

       I must be evil in some respects. I write what I do without feeling, remorse or sorrow. I write what I do caring not what blows back on me with the egocentric confidence I can defend every word here that would make the most seasoned lawyer or psychiatrist think twice about taking me on.

      I would hire no lawyer in court to defend me.

       If I cannot do this for myself, than I am truly a failure.

       I hate no one.

       Those that desire to be used will be by someone. You ask for this to occur, and if you have read anything by this: start at the beginning and read it over. What the fuck is wrong here and you sincerely need to gain serious help.

       In conclusion I can only express this: I did not do this third of a year on my own. Those of many countries and lands fueled me to go on. I could not have done this without you.

Mark William Darus 07-04-2012