Saturday, April 21, 2012

I remember you, Mark! Nice to see you large and out there!

                            To Mark William Darus.

Your words, your thoughts, the theories you will prove in time as you reach the common people from several countries. Anyone that possesses such a passion to post over a month and a half now, keep it interesting to those of us without psychology degrees, has some ability to capture and thus educate us.

I found your site from a boss of mine. She said I should read it, as we’d had many talks over blown and utterly fucked up relationships. Lost lots of money lost, many emotional breakdowns, stressing family and friends alike. We are as sisters, so close that we could not be blood related as we have never fought. We have shared many tears, spontaneous hugs, eruptions of raw emotion.

Your blog is a roadmap to enlightenment. I think the Prey and Predator share similar areas that hit home to both the learning and the reamed.

Based on comments from both sides, and your thoughts so clearly stated:

A. to the prey: read how the predator will find your ass and use you blind, and make you smile all the way to your emotional and financial devastating wreck.

B. to the predator, and want-to-be-predator: So boldly written, adding details at every possible moment to hit a point as subtle as a 10 ton wrecking ball takes out a building that was so firmly made. Within their firmly planted egos, do they not tell us their methods? By their sheer unabashed writing, are they not sending warnings to your readers? It is like, in some base act of guilt or penance, to warn others anonymously of what they will do to those that fail to follow their instincts.

Based on your ‘vacation outside ourselves’ post, could it not be said this is how they can fill their unconscious desire to be exposed or simply dominated?

To the want-to-be’s. Your site, through reader comments, can also be used to teach them the tricks of their trade and hone their skills. Through the corporate world as well as the relationship area, they will read and learn things that have worked for others. If intelligent enough, they will go forward with this knowledge.

C. You have kept your integrity as a writer. I have no idea how you have done this on such a depressing subject. You maintain objectivity in regards to Nonviolent Psychopaths with your writing.

I know, when it comes to modern human nature, you sometimes go off on tangents. I understand this totally: How can you continue to write about these aspects, their sadness and desperation and keep your own sanity and not need to vent?

Amazingly, you hit major points with those tangents and do this quite well. They seem to fit with each one, seamlessly cascading over boulders towards the waterfalls, which is your blog. The Crashing waters, though adding oxygen to downward streams aiding life beyond that needs to breathe.

And you do this as a simple person who has read, experienced and learned. No degree, which is probably why you do write as you do without windy jargon and pretentious tones like so many in the field of psychological writing. You have some training, though I believe you when you said you started reading psych books at an early age. You have taken classes, but something tells me it was decades ago.

My boss and I have shared your site with others who now follow it. Like the WEB itself, it gets bigger and more spread out. Like the globe you are hitting, Mark.

We spend breaks tearing your writing amongst us, but none of us have found a site that shares so much with the general population that makes up our shrinking world. Both sides, in unison: the teachers and the taught. Through pain and elation, we learn.

We thank you!

Rhonda L Madsen.

And the *********** ********* Company.

Ps: we met, about 8 years ago in the MetroParks. We talked and you told me your name. I was sitting on a boulder in the Rocky River metro parks overlooking the river. I was crying and you asked me if I was okay. I said nothing, but you asked me to join you to pay homage to the Dunkleosaurus. I followed you, thinking you nuts and wishing to be dead after another failed relationship. I have often wondered about that event. I broke down and told you everything. You hugged me and said to learn from it. I have never forgotten that.

A Godsend!

My boss showed me your blog, and I remembered you after reading several entries. I looked up face book names. Zark, love that diversion. I remembered your fiery eyes, your wrinkled forehead, that didn’t match your energy and so obvious love of lie . The frantic way you told me about the sky, I think you called them ‘the gods canvas’. Everyday was a blessing and each sky pic embraced with our eyes makes a picture never to be recreated no matter how long we lived and should be cherished.

I have never forgotten your gentle words, Mark.

You kept me alive at one of the worst points of my life and made me believe in Angels once again.

I will contact you when I feel I can. I don’t look the way I did then. I am a somewhat vain woman.

As others have said: my gift to you.

You made, and I have no doubts with others, make a difference.



AN: I can find nothing to comment on this except thank you. Sorry for my lack of memory, though I think you were a redhead, slender , wearing a bluish-green tank and paled shorts, and missed match sneakers? I remember meeting a women at that place that had two different Converse sneaks, making me think: how fucked is this person and how can I help?

At that time, as I have most of my adult life, I am/was so self scarifying. I still am, albeit on a more selective course than before << survival plays a huge part to most of us, and seriously for me.>>>

Do you think I really care how you look? Your size and such means nothing to me. Honestly though, your hair length might. Sorry on that. I am such an asshole for long hair on women.

Mine to yours, Rhonda…